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Content and Apps for Automotive USA 2013 December 11-12, Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, CA

The Content & Apps for Auto USA 2013 Conference Agenda

The official agenda below is the result of months of independent research, reflecting the latest trends, market activities and growth in the automotive apps space.

Scroll down to see the full keynote sessions and conference sessions that will prove to make Content & Apps for Automitve USA 2013 North America's most relevant and cutting edge forum forum for IVI leaders.

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DAY 1 (DECEMBER 11, 2013)

09:30 - 10:05 The Automotive Platform Stand-off

Platform standardization continues to dominate debate in the space. Despite the talk, an industry wide consensus remains elusive. Forecast whether the outlook is for cooperation or competition.

  • Take a look at key contributors to a base platform, including GENIVI, Jasper, Linux and Autosar to assess the roadmap for an open source automotive development platform
  • Explore the multiple commercial app interfaces including, MirrorLink and SmartDeviceLink to evaluate whether any current solutions offer the volumes and simplicity to attract developers
  • Analyze the trend towards Linux in the vehicle to gauge the role of Automotive Grade Linux as a reference implementation for a range of auto applications, from IVI to clusters

Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist - Infotainment, Jaguar Land Rover

10:05 - 10:50 The Battle for Automotive: Silicon Valley vs. Detroit

The cars being designed today will be driven by digital natives. With hashtags outstripping horsepower and twitter overtaking torque, we debate does Silicon Valley or Detroit represent the future of the automotive industry?

  • Address the disparate tech. abilities and needs of drivers to create a segmented content strategy that accounts for car-crazy baby boomers and the constantly connected Gen-Y
  • As OEMs choose California as the home to their major R&D efforts assess whether Detroit is set to experience a telematics brain drain as innovation looks West
  • Debate whether content is more important than the required technology to deliver it, to pinpoint which part of the ecosystem will drive innovation and establish industry leadership

Steffen Neumann, Project Manager, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America Inc.
Adam Richman, Audio Business Development, ESPN
Ty Roberts, Co-founder and CTO, Gracenote
Geoff Snyder, Director - Automotive Business Development, Pandora
Andy Gryc, Product Marketing Manager, QNX
Damon Lavrinc, Transportation Editor, WIRED

10:50 - 11:20 Networking Coffee Break

11:20 - 11:55 Introduction to the Next Generation of HondaLink

2014 sees HondaLink entering a new era. Gain exclusive first hand product insights, including details on the evolution of the connected services portfolio and how it is reinventing the user experience.

Charles Koch, Manager New Business Development, American Honda

11:55 - 12:30 Cut Through the Hype: Realizing the Full Value of Vehicle Data

We are skimming the surface of the potential of vehicle data. Now is the time to cut through the headlines and hype to explore the new experiences, efficiencies and revenue streams data can unlock.

  • Discuss how to leverage cloud hosted CAN data, such as window wiper data for micro-level weather mapping to enable a brand new set of inventive, monetizable services
  • Knowledge is power: Assess how to take advantage of vehicle usage data to create the next generation of vehicle applications based on how people are actually using their vehicles
  • Explore off-board scenarios, such as family tracking and remote vehicle configuration to create a suite of apps that enhance the vehicle ownership experience

Arturo Pereyra, Sr. Director, Marketing and Business Development Communications, Global Business Business Unit, Oracle

12:30 - 02:00 Lunch

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02:00 - 02:35 The Great Business Model Saga

One question refuses to go away; who is going to pick up the bill for in-vehicle content and apps? Debate the latest opinions on the perennial monetization conundrum.

  • Calculate the brand and CRM value for OEMs of providing  free connected services to evaluate whether the consumer can be removed from the payment equation
  • Assess the need for wireless carriers to work with OEMs, such as through shared plans across multiple devices and time-of-day pricing to provide flexible plans for delivering content to the car
  • Think radical: Embrace innovative schemes such as personalized pricing and offering access to mobility as part of a network payment plan to break through the IVI paywall

Jake Sigal, Founder and CEO, Livio
Matt McFerrin, VP Global Enterprise Solutions Strategy, Oracle
Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director - Product Planning Strategy & Innovation, Panasonic
Moderator: Egil Juliussen, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Infotainment & ADAS, IHS Automotive

02:35 - 03:10 The Mobile Thread: Seamlessly Integrate into the Connected Life

Mobile has changed everything. Explore how to seamlessly carry intelligent devices into the car to enable a seamless mobile thread throughout the consumer’s connected life.

  • Utilize a multi-modal UI which combines voice with visual and audio outputs to UX that is bespoke for the demands of the auto environment and not just replication of the smartphone
  • Harness a cloud-based platform to enable a seamless connected life by allowing the consumer to have a single digital identity that will be recognized by all vehicles
  • Confront the pros and cons for OEM apps to be hosted on brought-in devices to evaluate whether negating the headunit means surrendering industry control to non-auto interests

Chris Ruff, CEO, UIEvolution

03:10 - 03:40 Networking Coffee Break

03:40 - 04:15 Open API for Automotive App developers

Lack of open APIs and fragmented APIs are currently deterring developers from migrating to the car. Explore how to utilize open APIs to overcome the barriers to developing for automotive platform.

  • Realize the power of HTML5 for cross platform application development to overcome OS fragmentation and allow an OS agnostic approach for app developers
  • Utilize automotive APIs complying with GENIVI and W3C standards to create a scalable architecture which enables OEM platform extension
  • Explore the role of aggregators as the gateway to the car through mitigating R&D risk and time to market by enabling developers to write once and deploy across multiple OEMs

David Hwang, CEO, OBIGO

04:15 - 05:00 Context Aware: The Future of Smart In-Vehicle Applications

Take a look at the next wave of in-vehicle apps and content that are set to push the boundaries of what is possible in the car.

  • Take personalization beyond preferences by harnessing variables such as weather, time of day and trending data to deliver context rich content and apps to the car
  • 500+ million photos are shared via social media each day. Explore whether controls such as voice can be utilized to negate distraction and give the car a role in this social phenomenon
  • Examine vehicle centric medical health apps, such as driver heart rate monitoring which engage ADAS in the event of an emergency to see how apps are integral to the future of driver safety

Michael Harkey, Platform BD, Foursquare
Steve Schwinke, Director of Application Development, General Motors
Zach Brand, VP Digital Media, NPR
Ty Roberts, Co-founder and CTO, Gracenote
Wayne Cunningham, Senior Editor, Car Tech, CNET

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DAY 2 (DECEMBER 12, 2013)

09:30 - 10:05 Auto Apps: The On-Going Battleground for Infotainment Leadership

Over the next five years, apps are set to have a profound impact on the whole IVI industry, even changing brand market share between OEMs. Get the lay of the land in this uncertain and rapidly evolving market.

  • Question whether OEM SDKs for app integration via auto HMI APIs will be required for partners-only or as open SDKs to see if auto is welcome to everyone or for a selected few
  • Discover if SDKs will have APIs to access auto data from the OBDII to gauge how much granular vehicle data will available to 3rd party stakeholders
  • In the great ongoing debate, take stock on where the majority of auto apps will be located to identify if the industry is favoring smartphone or head-unit solutions

Egil Juliussen, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Infotainment & ADAS, IHS Automotive

10:05 - 10:40 Case Study: Redefine the OEM-Telecom Relationship

Gain a real world insight into the strategy, development and launch of a next generation cloud hosted in-vehicle infotainment platform.

  • Identify how automakers can leverage existing IT and telecommunication infrastructure  and expertise to reduce software and hardware expenditure in launching a connectivity platform
  • Crack the connected services retention rate puzzle through creating multiple payment interfaces, including the headunit and device to align with consumer purchasing preferences
  • Take a holistic approach to the OEM business needs to recognize how to streamline infotainment, back-end and dealer systems with a single cloud provider 

Konstantin Zervas, Director - Business Development, Ericsson
Martin Kristensson, Head of Content Acquisition, Volvo

10:40 - 11:10 Networking Coffee Break

11:10 - 11:45 Are your customers satisfied? Survey results from China, USA and Europe show that many are not

  • Did you know that over 33% of telematics owners in the USA have never used any of the services offered by their OEM? Or that only 30% of drivers are aware that they will have to pay subscription fees at the end of their free trial? 
  • Within this presentation, SBD shares the results of a brand new satisfaction survey, covering 9 OEMs (GM, Ford, Hyundai, BMW, Audi, Renault, Nissan, Lexus and SAIC) across China, USA and Europe
  • Join us to find out answers to important questions like why Ford drivers still perceive basic hands-free functionality to be the most important feature of Sync, why 41% of Hyundai BlueLink drivers have never used any of their services, and how voice recognition continues to be one of the main frustration amongst drivers today

Andrew Hart, Head of Advanced Research, SBD

11:45 - 12:30 App Developers: Enticing a Fresh Perspective to Auto

Despite the hype, major OEM schemes to engage the app developer community have thus far failed to yield significant results. Discuss how to break through the reticence to create a new group of auto evangelists.

  • With iOS and Android  offering the promise of volumes in the millions, explore models including revenue sharing, software as a service and OEM pre-funded investment to turn the car into a lucrative developer platform
  • Decipher how to create a developer support program that goes beyond offering APIs and SDKs to enable both established content providers and start-ups to develop auto solutions
  • Look beyond the press releases to assess what benefits and services 3rd parties can bring to the table, to create a win-win that balances invention and originality with the realities of the auto environment

Martin Kristensson, Head of Content Acquisition, Volvo
Chia-Lin Simmons, VP, Marketing & Content, Harman International, Aha Radio
Ted Cardenas, VP Car Electronics Division, Pioneer
Noah Shanok, CEO, Stitcher
Greg Basich - Senior Analyst - Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

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12:30 - 2:00 Lunch

2:00 - 2:35 Beyond Apps: The Integrated approach

The app paradigm is broken. Simply replicating the mobile application experience in the car is no longer sufficient. Explore how to create a new app paradigm in the vehicle through delivering an integrated content platform.

  • Dispel the thought of siloed in-vehicle apps and debate the most appropriate horizontal environment i.e. mapping, in which to integrate content and create a single user interface
  • Explore the architectural change required to enable the overlaying of browser based information over native applications to create a flexible, real-time content platform
  • Establish the safest form to deliver information to the driver in this new app environment, such as push notifications or audio feedback as to attract without distracting attention

Michael O'Shea, President & CEO, Abalta Technologies
Rudolf Streif, Director of Embedded Solutions, The Linux Foundation
Chris Pearson, President, 4G Americas

2:35 - 3:10 Maintaining Platform Security as Apps Go Deep into the Vehicle

As applications become further integrated with vehicle systems, examine how to ensure the continued security and safety of automotive systems.

  • Speed Vs. Security: Explore the hardware implications of platform security and consider the processor speed necessary to maintain system speed and cause minimal UI impact
  • Evaluate virtualization and CAN bus solutions to see how disparate safety and consumer systems can be blended to reduce costs whilst maintaining critical safety systems
  • Analyze the ability of LTE to handle multiple IP functions to assess its potential for bringing 3rd party developers to the car by enabling a low security, high speed pipe to the vehicle

Rob Gee, Product Line Manager, Continental Automotive

3:40 - 4:15 Lifecycle Apps: Creating a Deeper Conversation with the Customer

The need to think beyond infotainment when considering vehicle content and apps is imperative. Realize how to create a suite of services that delivers value from test drive to servicing.

  • Pinpoint the value of vehicle connectivity to the dealer to create a proposition that encourages dealerships to major on connected vehicle features during the crucial but short sales window
  • Take a look at the role of educational apps in order to a create a learning experience that enables the seamless first time use of the connected vehicle platform
  • Examine how to integrate with dealership CRM systems to enable apps that provide real-time vehicle health updates and allow for simple scheduling of maintenance and servicing

Henry Bzeih, Head - Infotainment & Telematics, KIA Motors
Chris Ruff, CEO, UIEvolution
Craig LaPinta, Application Product Manager, Daimler Trucks North America
Egil Juliussen, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Infotainment & ADAS, IHS Automotive

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