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Content and Apps for Automotive Europe 2014 8-9 April, Kempinski Hotel, Munich, Germany

The Agenda That Will Tackle Your Business-Critical Challenges

The official agenda below is the result of months of independent research, reflecting the latest trends, market activities and growth in the automotive apps space in Europe.

Scroll down to see the keynote and conference sessions that made the 2014 conference the most relevant and cutting edge forum for IVI in Europe next year!

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DAY 1 (8th April 2014)

09.30-10.00 The Future of the OS: Sharing Source Codes or Secrecy?

Despite advances in engineering technology, a solution to the standardised platform problem remains unsolved. Learn whether cooperation or competition is the answer.

  • Examine how open source platforms developed by GENIVI, Android and Linux can entice app developers, without fragmenting the OS, to develop cutting-edge content for the vehicle
  • Utilise the richer app environment offered by HTML5 (by providing a web-based open standards solution) which allows developers to create cross-OEM vehicle apps
  • Debate how the closed nature of proprietary systems ensures high security and confidence in the OS, enabling a reliable branded experience tailored to the needs of the car

Lee Colman, Senior Specialist - Connected Car, SBD

10.00-10.30 Get Inside 'Jaguar and Land Rover InControl Apps'

Consumers have been calling out for an OEM connected service that is compatible both with Apple and Android smartphones.  Hear how JLR are widening the draw of their infotainment system.

  • Discover strategies to work with leading app developers to deliver content that is tailored to in-vehicle use while retaining the unique feel of their services to bolster the connected car offering
  • Decipher the relationship between OEM and app developer surrounding app stores (both Apple and Google Play)  to determine the allocation of profits of in-car content
  • Learn how the disconnect between the product cycles of the automotive and CE space can be ended through regular OTA updates that works towards the 'customer-for-life' goal

Peter Virk, Head of Connected Technologies and Apps, Jaguar Land Rover

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10.30-11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-11.30 Harmonised In-Car Connected Services using the Innovations of the CE Community

OEMs have big strategic decisions to make before they can deliver an in-car experience that is as useable and seamless as a smartphone or tablet.

  • Discover how the automotive world can leverage the recent pushes of the CE community (e.g. Google and Apple) within the connected in-car ecosystem so that innovative content, unrestricted by vehicle product cycles,  can attract consumers to a particular automaker brand
  • Learn how OEMs can operate in unison with CE players whilst retaining autonomy over key areas of the connected car such as navigation and safety-critical functions, thus controlling their own brand offering and the crucial consumer relationship
  • Uncover the responsibility of OEMs to provide a connected service that relays driving-centric and audio infotainment data in a harmonised manner, updated by real-time audio streams and feeds that optimise the user interface of IVI

Holger G. Weiss, CEO, AUPEO!

11.30-12.00 eCall: An Alternative Platform to Deliver Valued-Added Driving Services

Find out how 'deeper' content functionality on the mandated e-call platform is possible and how OEMs can use it for commercial gain.

  • Discover the business case for developing  on the eCall platform, by analysing pan-European wireless coverage of the programme, to allow accurate forecasting of connectivity costs
  • Build on the basic eCall platform with vehicle type data, passenger and medical details to create an advanced safety experience by supplying responders with clearer emergency info
  • Hear directly from the EU Commission on how open e-call should be and discover the potential for third party app developers to build for this platform

Andy Rooke, Senior Project Manager, ERTICO
Olivier Lenz, Programmes Director, FIA Region I
Marcel Visser, Director Business Development, Automotive Segment, Gemalto

Moderator: Jack Bergquist, Senior Analyst - Infotainment & Telematics Automotive, IHS

12.00-12.15 Live Industry Poll

In a live interactive poll we gauge the opinion of our delegates on the latest challenges affecting the connected car

12.15-12.45 The Smart Data Strategy to Power Automotive Apps

Data is at the heart of all automotive prototype creation and app development, from modelling to design. Discover a solution to the high cost of storing, processing and powering the data management applications involved.

  • Understand the multi-faceted computing challenges associated with running power-intensive CAD design and simulation programmes in European facilities, typically powered by coal, oil or gas-fuelled electric grids
  • Explore how investment in collaborative technologies like cloud and big data can be undermined by hosting these platforms in fossil-fuel reliant, and carbon heavy, data centres
  • Discover a smart data centre solution – powered by uninterrupted hydroelectric and geothermal sources – that not only offers fixed cost and geographically prime connectivity but supports expansion

Jeff Monroe, Chief Executive Officer, Verne Global
Susanne Obermeier, Global Data Center Manager, BMW Group

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12:45 - 14:15 Lunch Break

14:15 - 14:55 App Developers, OEMs & MNOs to Flourish in the Connected-Car Ecosystem

Discover how to create a viable business model for auto apps that will benefit the whole connected car ecosystem.

  • How to leverage recognised content providers to raise customer awareness of connected services without surrendering brand control and OEM ability to differentiate
  • Evaluate revenue models, from one-off transactions, dealership purchases and subscriptions, to create a payment plan that attracts and ultimately prolongs consumer usage of connected services
  • Overcome the business model discrepancies between app developers, MNOs and OEMs through concepts such as split billing and shared data plans to distribute in-vehicle connectivity costs share

Rory Kenny, Mobile Partnerships EMEA, Trip Advisor
Alastair Cotterill, Creative Strategist, Facebook
Kenneth Malmberg, New Business Development,Global Connected Consumer, General Motors
Christof Juette, Multinationals, Presales, Telefónica

Moderator: Jack Bergquist, Senior Analyst - Infotainment & Telematics Automotive, IHS

14:55 - 15.25 What Do Consumers Want? The Case for Daily Relevant Content

Analyse consumers' desire for driver-centric apps that aid the driving experience and the efficiency of driving.

  • Learn how  in-car transactions and personalised location based offers , such as fuel vouchers and EV charge points, can be used to generate revenues for OEMs and content providers
  • Discover the case for focussing on 'smart mobility' content such as traffic, weather and fuel prices as a way of differentiating your service portfolio
  • Move beyond first generation solutions to find the real value of data through accurate driver profiling and VRM services and a springboard into the revenue generating era for telematics

Jean Cherbonnier, Co-founder, NAVX

15.25 - 15:55 Creating a Standout Automotive User Interface

Find the sweet spot between innovation, safety and regional nuances to create the next generation of global user interfaces.

  • Manage driver cognitive workload by leveraging situational driver feedback, (i.e. limiting HMI functionality at junctions) to create a safe app experience appropriate to the on-road driving scenario
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of advanced technology entering the head unit, such as mitigating unpredictable text from HTML5 systems to make the driving experience as safe as possible 
  • Discover how future user interfaces are being designed to enable greater interaction as more responsibility is given to autonomous driving features

Martin Kristensson, Head of Content Acquisition, Volvo
Matthias Esser, Sales & Business Development Manager, Michelin Travel Partner
Antti Aumo, Marketing Director, Car Connectivity Consortium

Moderator: Lee Colman, Senior Specialist - Connected Car, SBD

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15:55 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:00 HTML5 for Auto: Already Here or Still Arriving?

Assess the ability of HTML5 to deliver a flexible, cross-platform, non-proprietary solution which empowers developers to provide content to the vehicle.

  • Explore the ability of HTLM5 to easily add features through pushing OTA updates for apps to allow the maintenance of a fresh and up to date in-car user experience for content 
  • Address security and safety concerns when maintaining and updating content on the HTML5 platform so that critical information in the vehicle on-board unit is safeguarded
  • Get to grips with the work of W3C to standardise the application of HTML5 in the car to gauge the impact this common approach will have on attracting web developers into the car

Philipp Hoschka, Deputy Director, World Wide Web Consortium

17.00 - 17.20 Using Data and Analytics to Power the Connected Car

Discover how combining different data sets ( consumer feedback , the logs of TSPs and the onboard systems of the car) can present a much clearer picture of feature performance than seen in the past.

  • Get an insight into the quantity and frequency of data that is needed to maintain a system that offers predictive vehicle maintenance and driver behaviour profiling, presenting an outstanding safety service to consumers.
  • Sync analytics between app, car and back-end systems to quickly discover driving-critical faults that can be communicated back to OEM design departments to rectify
  • Case study: How can OEMs leverage data fed back to them gain advantages? For example, analysing the wear and tear of potholes on a vehicle to design mechanical components to optimum performance

Dr. Johann Prenninger, Head of Field Data Analytics, BMW

17.20 - 17.50 Break Down 'Big Data' to Create Next-Gen Apps

Learn how to utilise the cloud to harness granular data and create next generation content and apps.

  • Know your driver better. Use data to establish the real uses cases of the car, thus aiding the vehicle R&D manufacturing process and minimising feature redundancy
  • Uncover the goldmine that the exchange of premium vehicle data presents to advertisers, government agencies and the online community when collated by apps to make vehicle data pay
  • Debate the provocative issue of OEM privacy policies to create valuable services such as real-time traffic info that mitigate driver's concerns about the use of personal data

Joerg Luetzner, Head, Services & Commercial Vehicles - Interior Electronic Solutions, Continental
Dr. Johann Prenninger, Head of Field Data Analytics, BMW
Stephan Appt, Legal Director, Pinsent Masons

Moderator: Niranjan Thiyagarajan, Consultant Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan Europe

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DAY 2 - (9th April 2014)

09.30-10.00 The Value of Preserving and Advancing the Car Post Purchase

The connected car market will be worth €39 billion globally by 2018 (GSMA).  However, the path to this figure is not signposted. Find the key to unlock this value with an advanced app strategy.

  • Leverage driver information, vehicle diagnostics and environmental data such as traffic and weather alerts to provide value added solutions to keep consumers engaged with OEMs
  • Identify after sale revenue generating opportunities through adding existing app features (such as map updates), whilst providing consumers with the latest connected services
  • Discover strategic applications and content development partners for a focused roster of value-added offering to set out the road-map for your next content and apps venture

Roger Lanctot, Associate Director Automotive Multimedia & Communications Service, Strategy Analytics

10.00-10.30 Moving the Infotainment Community Forward in Automotive

The aim is clear: developers want to modify their app once for it to work across all cars. Discover how this goal is getting closer to being achieved.

  • Learn about the prospects of the connected car ecosystem to allow greater understanding of what OEMs want from developers to solve impasses between the infotainment value chain
  • Look deeper into SmartDeviceLink to determine how an open-source, easy to reach software framework for mobile app developers and automotive head units creators can drive the industry forward 
  • Uncover the 'untapped market' of car-only apps, developed solely for the automotive space. Learn what type of driving centric content brings the greatest value to the driving experience

Scott Lyons, Consultant, Connected Services Solutions Organisation, Ford

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10.30-11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-11.30 Tricks of the Trade:  Prospering as an App Developer in the Automotive GPS App Ecosytem

The auto app ecosystem is firmly at the heart of infotainment and the connected car; but 7 or 8 years ago it didn’t exist.  Find out more about the journey apps have travelled and discover future capabilities and outlooks for in-vehicle applications.

  • Discover the lessons learned by app developers who have been at the forefront of automotive apps since the inception of the app store
  • Find out how to bring standout apps to market in an ecosystem defined by multiple OS platforms, device form factors and rapid product change
  • Learn about the effective engagement strategies required by the app developer,  the automotive value-chain and OEMs to face the challenges of keeping technology current throughout a vehicle lifecycle

Klaus Kremer, Director Business Development EMEA - Enterprise Solutions, ALK Technologies

11.30-12.00 Uncover the Value to OEMs of Providing Stand-Out Connected Services

In this evolve-or-die climate, where vehicles have the capability to be 'computers on wheels', what benefits can the seamless integration of content bring to the OEM?

  • Usability is the key.  Discuss the correlation between user experience and the number of available apps to determine the optimal content and services package for consumers
  • Discover how vehicle diagnostic and prognostic services can positively affect warranty reduction and increase the lifespan of the car to boost brand loyalty 
  • Realise the importance and market strategy behind communicating the value of every app in the car so that users identify your brand with ubiquitous connected technologies

Derek Williams, GM Telematics Programme & Multimedia Product Planning, Toyota
Ian Digman, General Manager Product Planning, Nissan
Siegfried Schuler, Director Connected Services Technical Sales Europe, Harman
Manuel Pereira, Business Development Manager, Visteon

Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Associate Director Automotive Multimedia & Communications Service, Strategy Analytics

12.00 - 12.30 Apple & Google in the Car:  Catalyst for Innovation or Trojan Horse?

The true intention of Apple and Google within the connected car space is unclear.  Discover if there intent is to help automakers make it easier for drivers to take their digital lifestyle on the road or whether they are seeing to dominate the dash the same way they do in mobile

  • Better understand the nature of Apple and Google’s intentions in automotive through past forays into other industries like music and mobile.
  • Learn the challenges and limitations of working with Apple and Google to deliver better in-car infotainment and navigation experiences to drivers
  • Gain insight from key tech players about how to work across the automotive and CE ecosystems on in-car solutions that can help deliver on the industry’s vision for the connected car without having to “go all in” with Google or Apple

Mark Pendergrast, Director of Product Management, Auto, INRIX


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12.30 - 14.00 Lunch Break

14:00 - 14:30 Harnessing the Power of Different Operating Systems to Drive Real Benefits for Customers in the Connected Car

Getting from A to B in the quickest, most cost effective and stress-free way possible is the aim of all drivers. Learn how this can be achieved with industry-leading technology.

  • Uncover the benefit of focussing on processes within the car that make life simpler, such as personalised rewards that are based on driving habits and individual preferences
  • Discover how to create a seamless software integration solution that attracts and retains loyal customers to a particular OEM brand
  • Find out how to provide a natural interface between car, driver and phone which will allow OEMs to improve drivers’ behaviour, reduce wear and tear, emissions, improve economy and crucially, enhance safety

Richard Barlow, CEO, Wejo

14:30 - 15:00 The Internet of Cars

Over the next decade it is predicted that the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive €10.5 trillion of economic activity (Cisco). Evaluate opportunities for the IoT in the vehicle and the impact on telematics.

  • Learn how OEMs can harness connectivity to create more touch points with their customers and how the driving experience is enriched by a seamless connection to their cars and the surrounding ecosystem
  • Explore profitable new business models and how to create more compelling user experiences as the era of total connectivity begins to take hold
  • Take a holistic approach to the connected car platform - consider data plans, data management and customer service in order to fully service drivers in real-time

Ian Digman, General Manager Product Planning, Nissan
Martin Kristensson, Head of Content Acquisition, Volvo
Joerg Luetzner, Head, Services & Commercial Vehicles - Interior Electronic Solutions, Continental 

Moderator: Niranjan Thiyagarajan, Consultant Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan Europe

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15.00-15.30 Coffee Break

15.30-16.00 SEAT: The Future of IVI in the Smartphone Era

With many consumers preferring connectivity through handheld devices, learn what the future has in store for embedded systems and discover the use cases for full and hybrid integrated systems.

  • Harness Gen Y's passion for digital media by enabling young drivers to integrate their online social personality in the vehicle to make IVI top of the vehicle feature wish-list
  • Find out how integrated and beamed-in  approaches (such as Mirrorlink) can work in harmony to keep infotainment apace with consumer's CE needs
  • Reassess the traditional rigid structure of OEMs by evaluating  original structures and initiating working groups to create an efficient, forward thinking infotainment strategy

Roger Giralt, Navigation, Telephony, Multimedia and Connected Car, SEAT

16.00-16.30 The Potential of DAB as the Go-To Information Provider

Recognise the benefits of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) to deliver essential driving information to a wide audience for a smaller cost to the consumer.

  • Decipher how DAB and cellular technologies can be combined to uphold an always connected service to deliver content in areas of intermittent network coverage
  • Discover the potential to deliver premium services on the TPEG platform, such as parking, fuel prices and weather information, tailored to individual driver preferences
  • Explore the ability of digital radio to deliver reliable traffic information in languages native to the user regardless of location to maintain a standard user experience across borders

Thomas Kusche, Senior Editor, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) & ERTICO Strategy Committee
Christian Vogg, Head of Radio, EBU
Derek Williams, GM Telematics Programme & Multimedia Product Planning, Toyota

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