13th Annual Consumer Telematics Show 2015 Monday January 5 2015 | The Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Tech Revolution in Automotive: Connectivity Paves The Way For The 'Self-Learning' Car

The 2015 agenda has just been released and is the product of months of independent research that will give you answers to the industry’s key challenges.  

Leave CES week with more than business cards by listening to the brightest and most senior minds in the connected car space.

Nissan Announcement

nissanGet a jump start on your competition by being the first to hear Nissan’s exclusive announcement regarding the connected car during this session at the Consumer Telematics Show.

Dan Teeter, Director of Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan

Volvo Exclusive: Autonomous Tech Plugs Into The Outside World

VolvoVolvo's world-leading autonomous car project “Drive Me” - aiming for up to 100 self-driving vehicles on public roads - is moving rapidly.  Learn how these developments fit into Volvo's wider vision of sustainable personal mobility.

  • Discover how the Drive Me project is working alongside city authorities in testing autonomous technology in real-world environments, to not only push the bar of automotive innovation but, optimize the management of urban areas
  • With test cars now able to handle lane following, speed adaption and merging traffic by themselves, find out how long it will be until the driver can disengage with the car so that you can plot the autonomous driving roadmap
  • What's in the pipeline? Gain an exclusive insight into the connected features being designed to enhance the daily processes of drivers (e.g.  Roam Delivery Service) in the run-up to fully automated driving

Klas Bendrik, VP & Group CIO, Volvo Car Group

The New Automotive Triumvirate - Mobility, Connectivity & Autonomous Tech

GartnerNew mobility concepts, faster connectivity and autonomous technology are propelling automakers’ strategy and vision for future products. Discover how these factors combine to produce new areas of opportunity.

  • Beyond Telematics.  The ecosystem has been infiltrated. Excitement from companies outside automotive in the potential of the connected car is plentiful.  Discover who to align with
  • Devise a clear strategy to utilize the opportunities that are presented by the Internet of Things.  Sync all stakeholders within your supply chain to create new experiences for the connected driver
  • Gartner Survey Results Released.  Discover the appetite of users to become connected customers in the car via services from OEMs, MNOs and tech providers to understand different connectivity needs

Thilo Koslowski, Vice President - Automotive Vehicle ICT, Gartner

Cornering the Chinese Telematics Market

VerizonThe impressive speed at which automakers in China have been rolling out telematics programs is being matched by consumer adoption and usage.  Discover how to capitalize on this outstanding growth.

  • Develop an understanding of what makes telematics market demand in China unique by discussing adoption rates and service usage by end customers
  • Consider unique business and cultural factors impacting telematics offerings in China and what role they play in identifying the most successful business models to implement
  • Uncover key learnings from rolling out a telematics program in China, including several important attributes that impact global expansion into other markets

Kevin Link, SVP & GM China, Verizon Telematics

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Exclusive Insight into Audi’s Plans for 2015 & Beyond

AudiGet an exclusive look into the first-in-class technologies and strategies driving Audi connect forward.  As the network between driver, internet and infrastructure continues to grow, learn how Audi is planning the future of auto mobility.

Anupam Malhotra, Senior Manager - Connected Vehicles, Audi

Data to Provide 360° View of Driver and Machine

LochbridgeData and analytics that unveil insights into the performance of the vehicle and pre-empt stoppages have been realized.  Discover how combining this with consumer behavior can deliver the next value add.

  • Analyze how driving habits (e.g. harsh braking, excessive accelerating) can be linked to the performance of the car and be fed back to the consumer
  • The driver and vehicle as one.  Learn how bringing together multiple data sources (e.g. customer & warranty data, dealer data and CRM insights) can allow for a holistic set-up that makes modeling and predictive capabilities far more accurate
  • Putting data to good use. Establish the real uses cases of car data, thus aiding the vehicle R&D manufacturing process and minimizing feature redundancy

Speaker TBC, Lochbridge

The Ecosystem Earthquake: Is Infotainment Still Shaking?


After the announcements that the biggest two CE players were entering the car, what does the in-vehicle landscape look like now and what will it look like moving forward?

  • Infotainment weathers the storm?  Discover the strategies that OEMs are employing to continue differentiating their connected services, in spite of the roll-out of uniformed platforms from Apple and Google
  • Uncover the techniques of OEMs to attract and retain users to proprietary app stores and services in a bid to support existing revenue models that will stave off outside competition
  • Ecosystem works together?  Assess the appetite for a standard to evolve around the CCC/Mirrolink, Genivi, CarPlay & OAA etc so that all systems can be supported for maximum consumer access to services

Charles Koch, Manager - New Business Development, American Honda
Andrew Poliak, Global Director - Business Development, QNX Software Systems
Chip Goetzinger, Senior Manager - Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan
Darren D. Humphrey, Sr. Vice President of The DiSTI Corporation
Moderator - Andy Hart, Director - North America, SBD

Putting the Security of the Connected Car on Lock-Down

Green Hills SoftwareExamine a software architecture that enables the connected car to safely become a part of the Internet of Things. Understand the security and privacy challenges that participating in the IoT presents. Look at how developers can future-proof their designs and gain a competitive advantage with an effective connected car security strategy.

Joe Fabbre, Director of Platform Solutions, Green Hills Software

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Connected Car Spins Web for the Internet of Things

Jaguar Land Rover

With IoT topping Gartner’s hype cycle for emerging technologies, discover what the car becoming one of the chief mobile devices of the Internet of Things means for the connected car industry.

  • Hear how the car can play an influential role in connecting disparate ecosystems, from utilities to healthcare and insurance, and truly signal the birth of the IoT
  • Challenge existing business models that are insufficient to support new tech. and partnerships demanded by the IoT and navigate the emerging value chain that will deliver new revenue steams
  • Map out the scenarios in which connectivity will transcend the car and enter other facets of the connected lifestyle, such as data sharing with the home to adapt to specific situations

Henry Bzeih, Head - Connected Car & CTO, KIA
Peter Virk, Head of Connected Technologies & Apps, Jaguar Land Rover
Chris Ruff, President & CEO, UIEvolution
Speaker TBC, Luxoft

Hack the Hacker - Cyber Security Defenses for the Connected World

McNamara Technology Solutions LLC
Green Hills Software

Cyber-security has not been an issue the automotive industry has previously had to address. However, mitigating the impact of hackers has become an industry priority due to the huge forecast rise in connected cars on our roads.

  • Understand how ‘doing nothing’ could mean total business shutdown.  Analyze best practice and what your competition is doing in this space to establish the effectiveness of your cyber security structures and resource allocation
  • Hear real-world examples of the motivations, methods and tools used by organized crime groups involved in today’s car crime and how these are likely to evolve into cyber attacks
  • Discover how a holistic approach to security combining architectures and implementation strategies, will be the industry's best hope of minimizing the threat of cyber security breaches

Dave McNamara, President, McNamara Technology Solutions LLC
David Kleidermacher, CTO, Green Hills Software

Capture the Consumer Through Compelling UX

LuxoftAutomakers are being challenged to deliver a compelling in-vehicle UX. The bar is set by CE devices. Discover how user-friendly, situation-aware HMI is a key differentiator in building a unique brand experience that assists drivers’ needs in the age of multi-standard connectivity.

Serkan Arslan, Managing Director, Business Development Automotive, Luxoft

Fastest Cars on the Planet: 4G Powers New Connected Services

Strategy AnalyticsAs 4G sparks new life into connectivity, analyze the considerations of investing in high-speed services that connect every part of consumers’ digital lifestyle.

  • Separate the cost of core telematics services (e.g. traffic & nav) from new features (e.g. video streaming) using multi-user data plans that encourage consumers to connect to in-car hot spots
  • Future-proof your business against the tech of tomorrow (e.g. 5G/6G) by investing in cloud infrastructures and removable modules today, thus managing costs and strategic headaches in the future
  • Discover the ability of 4G-enabled services to lock-in customer loyalty by creating a level of satisfaction akin to consumer electronics

Roger Lanctot, Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

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Wearables to Disrupt Status Quo of Infotainment

ABI Research
Panasonic Automotive

Nothing illustrates the collision of the CE and automotive worlds better than wearables!  Get a sneak peek into the vast array of new user interfaces that will set CES alight and quantify their impact upon the connected car.

  • Discover the shake-up that the wide adoption of smartwatches and Virtual Reality kits will cause to the traditional HMI of the vehicle - particularly if the need to access the phone is removed and embedded features are reached through voice controls
  • Thrash out the business model behind offering wearable functionality in the vehicle (e.g. sold as standard or available via subscription) to attract users of high-end to mass-market brands
  • Connecting the car to the wider world:  Explore the role of wearable devices to gather granular data both on and off-board to offer even more feedback on consumer habits

Dominque Bonte, Vice President and Group Director, Telematics & M2M, ABI Research
Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director, Panasonic Automotive

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