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12th Annual Consumer Telematics Show 2014 January 6 2014 | The Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

The Consumer Telematics 2014 Presentation & Audio Package

Consumer Telematics Show 2014 was a record-breaking show this year. The presentations slides and audio package is now available to purchase, including the option to purchase our various industry reports. You can still access exclusive information from the conference and make sure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Conference materials, including the audio and presentations from the event, are now available

Watch a Sample Presentation: Opportunities Ahead For Automotive Broadband And Apps

You can watch the presentation 'Data as an infinite resource' here. Simply click on the play button below to get a taster of the premium business intelligence featured at Consumer Telematics Show 2014.

Please use a desktop device to view the presentation

Crucial topics that were discussed at the 2014 conference:

  • 4G LTE OPENS THE DOOR TO THE FUTURE OF IN-VEHICLE CONNECTIVITY: Discuss how next-gen data-heavy services such as high-end remote diagnostics,  real-time updates and lifestyle integrations will ensure that the connected car keeps pace with the outside world
  • PERSONAL, CONTEXTUAL, ADAPTIVE HMI: Assess how situation-aware HMI layers information with decision-support logic, producing a ‘smart’ HMI experience that anticipates and assists drivers’ need for a  supremely safe and satisfying in-car experience
  • INFOTAINMENT AND ADAS CONVERGE:  Learn how integrating ADAS functionality, such as sign recognition with infotainment systems can provide an interconnected system that stays in line with DOT/NHTSA driver distraction laws
  • COMPLEX CUSTOMER RELATIOPNSHIPS DRIVE LOYALTY: Discover ways to capture and package driver interests and preferences while building eCommerce partnerships that improve customer relations by  offering intuitive POI identification through timely and relevant communications
  • WEARABLES & SOCIAL MEDIA DISRUPT EXISTING TECH: Explore how Google Glass, smartwatches, and  the integration of social media into navigation services will offer advanced assistance to drivers,  allowing OEMs to stay on top of innovation in the CE market

Conference materials, including the audio and presentations from the event, are now available

A snapshot of speakers from our 2014 Conference:

  • Steffen Neuman, Project Manager - App Development Group, Mercedes Benz
  • Steve Schwinke, Director of App Development, Global Connected Consumer, GM
  • Thilo Koslowski, Vice President - Automotive Vehicle ICT, Gartner
  • Anupam Malhotra, Senior Manager - Connected Vehicles, Audi
  • Rick Kreifeldt, Vice President - Research & Innovation, Harman
  • Henry Bzeih, Head of Connected Car/CTO, KIA
  • Rohit Agnihotri, Connected Vehicle & Consumer Applications ISD, Honda
  • Rohit Bhargava, Global Technology Strategist, Microsoft
  • Peter Virk, Infotainment Technical Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Rob Gee, Product Line Manager, Continental
  • Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director - Strategy & Innovation, Panasonic
  • John Ellis, Chief Technologist - Connected Services & Solutions, Ford
  • Michael Wanzeck, Leader Development Porsche Car Connect, Porsche

If you'd like to keep in touch for the 2014 conference then let us know.

Specialised packages for your business' needs

We've collated the expert insights and industry debates that took place at CTS 2014 into 2 packages for you to choose.

  • Full conference audio, including panel sessions
  • Results from live conference poll
  • Telematics Update Insider: Consumer Telematics Show 2014 (summary of key takeaways from event)
  • Presentation slides

This robust industry insight will improve your business

The CTS 2014 content package offers the unique opportunity to the live event, learn and strategize from the comfort of your own desk. You can:

  • 14 sessions addressing the implications of connectivity in the car including advanced infotainment and user interfaces, exciting new apps in the car, wearable tech, V2X, navigation and more for you to review
  • Access months of market research in the most time and cost effective manner , fitting the conference around your busy schedule so you don’t miss-out
  • Put your finger on the pulse of telematics now to educate your colleagues and strategize with your team for 2014 and beyond without leaving the office
  • This information has not been released anywhere else giving you a competitive edge in terms of knowledge, market statistics and forecasts
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