14th Annual Focused Conference & Exhibition Telematics Detroit 2014 June 4-5 // The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI, USA

The Most Critical Challenges Facing Auto Connectivity

We have designed a two day agenda that address the most crucial topics facing the future of the connected car.

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Day 1: June 4, 2014


The Ecosystem Explodes: A Brave New World for Telematics

Old industry certainties have been shattered as OEMs reach beyond automotive for innovation. Re-assess how to stay relevant as pace of innovation moves into the fast lane.

  • Tech giants want a piece of the action! As Google reveal their hand, evaluate your business' core expertise to create a focused strategy that can compete with billion dollar businesses
  • The expectation bar rises: As personalization shifts from a differentiator to a given, refocus on the HMI to leverage modular hardware and enable the cutting edge UI expected by consumers
  • All in the packaging. Combine 4G/LTE and satellite to create a hybrid connectivity plan which enables a services package in tune with consumer price point sensitivity

Thilo Koslowski, Vice President & Distinguished Analyst - Automotive, Vehicle ICT, Mobility
Industry Advisory Services, Gartner

New for 2014: Telematics Detroit Super Panel

Connectivity is not only redefining the car, it is fundamentally changing the face of mobility, forever.

From the introduction of cutting edge apps and consumer devices into the car, changing models of vehicle ownership to the end game of the autonomous car, the question is no longer if, but when!

As the connected car message moves from the margins to the mainstream we bring you our most senior panel of automotive visionaries to date to deliver their assessment on how connectivity is set to enable the auto-mobility revolution.

Phil Abram, CIO, General Motors
Tim Yerdon, Director, Visteon
Henry Bzeih, CTO & Head of Connected Car, Kia
Tom Gebhardt, President & COO, Panasonic Automotive 
Moderator: Thilo Koslowski, Vice President & Distinguished Analyst - Automotive, Vehicle ICT, Mobility Industry Advisory Services, Gartner

Introducing Volkswagen's Car-Net

Get an exclusive look into VW's brand new Car-Net platform to understand how the major automaker is creating a forward thinking foundation to grow and evolve their connected service business.

Frank Weith, General Manager Connected Services, Volkswagen Group of America

The Connected Car: An Integral Part of the Internet of Everything

Mercedes-Benz R&D explores the connected car as a crucial node in the Internet of Everything. They will focus on how to integrate wearable devices and big data to create a contextual and predictive user experience.  

Johann Jungwirth, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development

The Evolution of a New Platform Paradigm

The old distinction between colourful and grey services is over. That together with demands on personalization and context based proactivity sets the base for next generation service platforms.

  • That Friday feeling! Move from a vehicle to personal connectivity mind-set to enable intelligent content that adds context such as time of day to personal preferences
  • Create layers of data in the cloud to securely manage access by OEMs, dealers, gov't, customers and 3rd parties to sensitive but valuable vehicle and user information
  • Leverage personal IDs to create a payment platform, incl. subscriptions and micro-transactions that is flexible to user needs, from fleet managers to kids purchasing apps

Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar 

Where the Internet of Things Meets the Road

Over the next decade it’s predicted that Internet of Things (IoT) will drive $14.4 trillion of economic activity (Cisco). Evaluate opportunities for the IoT in the vehicle and the impact on telematics.

  • Giving connectivity purpose. Grasp how in taking you from A to B, the data produced by the connected car (location, destination etc.) will be a key enabler for a total connected lifestyle
  • The Ecosystem of Everything: Mapping the telematics industry is tough enough but consider the implications as the vehicle begins to touch disparate ecosystems, from utilities to TVs and washing machines!
  • A Day in the life: Map out scenarios, such as ‘returning late from the office’ -  its consequences on media, lighting, heating use to pinpoint the convergence of telematics with the IoT

Kevin Link, SVP & GM China, Verizon Telematics

Connected Car Big Data: Where's the Beef?

Big data is now the building blocks of virtually all industries. We look at the role that this two-word hot button is playing in the connected car and gain an understanding of just how valuable big data is.

  • UX built on data. Get qualitative and quantitative usage insights to create an optimized experience build not in a product planning vacuum but from real world use cases
  • Examine who has the data, ways to extract it and what information it can yield for R&D into supporting technologies to create platforms that surpass customer expectations in the car
  • Get your teeth into the latest data from the 100M+ monthly data transactions generated by 4 million cars on the Choreo platform. Be prepared for some surprising findings on the connected car UX!

Kamyar Moinzadeh, President and CEO, Airbiquity

The Telematics Building Blocks: Construction from the Ground Up

Creating a back end telematics infrastructure is dirty work - but somebody's got to do it! Understand what really goes on under the bonnet in enabling the connected vehicle of tomorrow.

  • All a bit cloudy?  Understand the true role of the cloud to carmakers, incl. cheaper on-board 'client' computers and remote updates to demystify the benefits behind the buzz
  • One size fits all: Explore regional telematics requirements, incl. Europe's 2G vs. the US' 3G/4G needs and see how to leverage a common interface and form factor for simple regional deployment 
  • Identify how eSIM technology will reduce lengthy carrier negotiations and slash the time to market by creating as close to a carrier agnostic experience as possible 

Dominikus Hierl, CMO, Telit Wireless Solutions

The Embedded Module and Future Proofing Cars

Predictions show that within just a couple of years every vehicle rolling off the assembly line will be ‘connected’.  Examine how to enable the evolution of the connected car.

  • Cutting-edge Today, Obsolete Tomorrow: Harness removable modules to enable the simple upgrade from 3G to 4G connectivity and beyond, and combat in market tech. redundancy
  • But what about existing vehicles? Take advantage of the aftermarket (incl. OBD2 devices) to deliver services such as teen tracking and diagnostics and capture the great unconnected masses
  • Pinpoint how to work with automakers to create a forward thinking connectivity strategy in-line future connectivity concepts, including V2V communications and automated driving services

John Horn, President, RacoWireless

Workshop: Robust APIs to Enable an Integrated App Experience

The siloed app paradigm is broken. Explore how to leverage robust APIs to create a new app paradigm in the vehicle through delivering an integrated driving platform.

  • Harness APIs to enable a plug-in approach which seamlessly enables individual applications to be integrated across a single central mapping interface
  • Explore how an SDK approach to navigation will enhance the driving experience by empowering developers such as Glympse to bring innovative applications to the car
  • Discover how to leverage OTA updates via WIFI or embedded connectivity to combat obsolescence of central platform to deliver a cutting edge app environment

Mike Cottle, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, deCarta

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Auto Apps: From Imagination to Reality

Get a sneak-peak into GM R&D lab to discover some of the prototype concepts, from social networking to intelligent recognition, which could define the new wave of automotive apps.

John Du, Director - China R&D, General Motors  

Best of Enemies: Creating an In-Car App Framework

Platform standardization continues to dominate debate in the space. Despite the talk, an industry wide consensus remains elusive. Forecast whether the outlook is for cooperation or competition. 

  • Take a look at key contributors to a base platform, including GENIVI, Jasper, Linux and Autosar to assess the roadmap for an open source automotive development platform
  • Explore the multiple commercial app interfaces including, MirrorLink and SmartDeviceLink to evaluate whether any current solutions offer the volumes and simplicity to attract developers
  • Analyze the trend towards Linux in the vehicle to gauge the role of Automotive Grade Linux as a reference implementation for a range of auto applications, from IVI to clusters

Steve Schwinke, Director of Application Development, Global Connected Consumer, General Motors
Leon Hong, Chief Operating Officer, Airbiquity
Chris Ruff, CEO & President, UIEvolution
Speaker TBC, Qualcomm

Ecosystem in Flux

Automakers focused on creating a consistent and differentiated brand image, are bringing various operations in-house while wireless carriers are penetrating further into telematics functions. We discuss the implications.

  • In-sourcing the ecosystem. How OEMs are modernizing their differentiation strategies by bringing traditional tier 1 functions in house, reflecting changes from the top
  • The Battle Royale. Explore the middle ground between OEMs requiring bespoke, brand affiliated HMIs, OS' & service portfolios, and software developers' needs for scalability
  • M&A Frenzy: Acquisitions incl. SiriusXM/Agero and Visteon/JCI demonstrates that the industry’s tectonic plates are shifting. Look into M&A crystal ball to see where industry power is set to reside

Chip Goetzinger, Senior Manager VCS Development & Program Management, Nissan
Tim Evavold, Solution Delivery Director, Covisint

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Turning Bytes into $ Bills

The big profit potential of vehicle data has the whole industry talking, but as yet, its link to actual revenue has been tenuous. Look at how telematics data can drive genuine profitability.

  • Discuss which types of CRM data, such as individual infotainment preferences and vehicle prognostic info can be used to create loyalty and up-selling for OEM customers
  • Understand the information that is most valuable to 3rd parties as well as how to create in-vehicle marketing opportunities to create profitable partnerships with marketing companies
  • Look at how to engage with insurers and government to provide vehicle data, such as usage-based data and traffic data, to create additional revenue streams

Robyn Williams, Senior Manager Connected Services Marketing & Operations, Nissan
 Dave McNamara, President, MTS

Self-service vs. Assisted: Putting the People Back into Telematics

With so much connected car hype focusing the search for the killer app, tackle the controversial idea that the killer app was staring us in the face all along - the call center!

  • Telematics comes full circle: Discuss advances in call centers i.e. the ability to utilize rich vehicle data to see how live assistance could hold the key to developing genuine brand affinity
  • Do people actually use in-car apps? Examine usage data to question whether an app centric model can ever produce the kind of user experience that customers want
  • Evaluate adoption vs. cost to establish whether OEMs will be willing to subsidize/provide voice services and take the financial hit for increased interaction

Matt Wyman, VP of Product, Xtime

Personal. Contextual. Adaptive: The Car that Knows the Score

Context is everything: Debate how to harness contextual data to create a connected car experience that makes driving safer, more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Take personalization beyond preferences by harnessing variables such as weather, time of day and trending data to deliver context rich content and apps to the car
  • Anticipating driver's needs. How can layering information with decision-support logic produce an HMI experience that anticipates a driver's needs, reducing distraction yet enhancing driver experience?
  • Join the wearable revolution: Explore the role of wearable devices for both on and off board services to see how to integrate granular personal data into the connected car experience

Holger Weiss, Chief Executive Office, AUPEO!
Raj Paul, Director – M2M Solutions, CW Professional Services
David Jumpa, Chief Revenue Officer, Airbiquity
Christina Rux, Product Manager, WirelessCar

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Opening Debate

The Front-Line of Auto Innovation: Silicon Valley or Detroit?

Big noises from Silicon Valley software giants are shaking up the traditional auto landscape. With OEMs positioning themselves as ‘tech. companies’, we look at where the eye of innovation is turning.

  • Address the disparate tech. abilities and needs of drivers to create a segmented content strategy that accounts for car-crazy baby boomers and the constantly connected Gen-Y
  • Consider the new, non-endemic players crossing over into the automotive space from Silicon Valley and discuss how to diligently integrate their offerings into your connected car product
  • Debate whether high-quality content and an intuitive connected UX are more important than the required technology to deliver it, to pinpoint which part of the ecosystem will drive innovation and establish industry leadership

Steffen Neumann, Project Manager App Development Group, Mercedes-Benz R&D

Innovator Pitches: Will Swift-Footed Challengers Eclipse the Incumbents?

As the move fast and break stuff attitude of Silicon Valley collides with deeply entrenched automotive product cycles, we present a handpicked selection of start-ups companies to reveal the innovations that are set to shake-up telematics.

The entrepreneurs will take to the stage to share their visions for the future of the connected car. At the conclusion of the hustings the audience will vote on the most promising pitch.

The winner being given the opportunity to take to the keynote stage on conference day 2 to share their insights with the entire industry.

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Next Steps for Connected Safety

The NHTSA announcement on DSRC this February got analysts in a frenzy about its implications on connected car strategies. We take a look at what this positive step means for vehicle safety.


  • Learn how integrating ADAS, such as sign recognition with infotainment systems can provide an interconnected system that stays in line with NHTSA driver distraction guidelines
  • Discern the implications of the DSRC news on R&D investment to map out a realistic timeline for ADAS, from automated to autonomous and predict when self-driving cars might be commonplace
  • Confront the V2X data torrent and consider a hybrid solution incorporating DSRC, cellular and Wi-Fi channels to access greater bandwidth and data streaming capacity for core V2X services

Sue Bai, Principal Engineer, Honda
Derek Kuhn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, QNX Software Systems
Steve Bayless, Senior Director, Telecommunications and Telematics, ITS America

The Mobility Patterns of the Future

As global populations converge on urban centres, mass vehicular congestion appears on the horizon.  Explore how connectivity will revolutionize mobility and usher in a new era of intelligent transportation.

  • Winning the generation game: Address the dichotomy between an aging population and millennial generation its terms of vehicle ownership to identify how to market mobility as a service
  • More cars same roads! Get to grips with platooning to grasp how connectivity will safely and efficiently regulate the transit of more vehicles in congested urban areas
  • Move beyond traffic apps to mobility apps. Create an intermodal service platform that integrates personal, public and shared transportation methods

Moderator: Richard Wallace, Director, Transportation Systems Analysis, Center for Automotive Research

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Day 1 Data & Services | Day 2 Data & Services
Day 1 Disruptive Innovation Track | Day 2 Insurance & M2M
Day 1 Advanced Safety & Mobility
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Day 2 > June 5, 2014


Dispel the Big Brother Complex: The Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Connected Car

In the wake of the NSA scandal, concerns over privacy have never been more heightened. Tackle the twin battlegrounds of privacy and security to ensure consumer fears don't kill the connected car before it even gets started. 

  • Why would the dealer risk selling connectivity? Explore  simple opt-in/out mechanisms to data collection which allay consumer anxiety and ensure that the connected driver isn't scared away on the forecourt
  • Assess the escalation in IT clout required to power real time vehicle analytics to evaluate the evolution in industry responsibilities for cloud security as IT giants make a play for the car
  • To Personalize or Anonymize: Establish a connectivity value proposition that finds the optimal balance between reward for data sharing and the non-violation of sensitive personal info

Roger Lanctot, Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

The Connected Car is Here – What Next?

With radios competing with smartphones and tablets replacing nav screens, the in-vehicle experience has evolved. Couple this with the vehicle as a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot, the car becomes a true part of the IoT. What seemed like the distant future is now just right around the corner – cue the self-driving autonomous car. Where is all this innovation going? Find out more about the future of mobility and how this will impact us all.

Dan Teeter, Director - Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan

Exclusive Insights: Benchmarking the Connected Car User Experience

Get results from a comprehensive study of US connected car systems to benchmark current industry best practices and create a framework for a next generation connected car user experience.

  • Examine today's customer journey; from purchasing interest, to dealer interaction,  registration and day-to-day use to hear the truth on the latest car connectivity platforms 
  • Plot out the user experience of the future. Focus on simplicity rather than features to create a seamless customer experience which inspires long-lasting brand loyalty
  • The Chief Experience Officer? Grasp the organizational changes required to create synergy between planning, engineering and marketing and create connectivity strategy from the ground up

Andrew Hart, Head of Advanced Research, SBD

Industry First: What the Customer Really Thinks!

For the first time at Telematics Detroit, hear directly from the people that really matter; the car buying public. We assemble a panel of consumers who have purchased a vehicle in the past 12 months to discover the truth about their connected car experiences.  

  • The WOW Factor! Discover the features, functionality and shiny things that first grabbed the attention of purchasers to get to grips with what really sells cars
  • Identify and evaluate the consumer connected platform pain points to realize the impact of usability on the OEM brand experience and future purchasing intentions
  • The small matter of the price: Hear how drivers want to (or if they even do want to) pay for connected services and create a payment model in sync with purchasing habits
  • Get the lowdown on future connected car features, such as autonomous car and privacy zones to create a R&D roadmap that reflects user desires rather than growing tech. capabilities

Handpicked panel of car buyers
Moderator: Andrew Hart, Head of Advanced Research, SBD

Transforming the Vehicle into a First-Class Citizen of the Cloud

As cars start talking to the cloud, big-data analysis of vehicle sensor information will transform the auto industry — from keeping in-car systems fresh with new software capabilities to enabling new business models across the supply chain.

  • Contain fragmentation costs and deliver timely OTA upgrades that enhance the user experience by tracking software builds in ECUs, ADAS components and infotainment systems
  • Improve safety and customer loyalty by delivering personalized real-time messages and alerts for maintenance and value-added services
  • Analyze multiple vehicle configurations on the road to determine which configurations and components deliver the greatest reliability and cost effectiveness

Alec Saunders, Vice President, Cloud Business, QNX Software Systems

The Emerging Identity Crisis: Connecting People, Vehicles and Things

Total vehicle connectivity is on the horizon. Yet, before this can happen, identities must be established for each  connected person and thing. Confront the overlooked issues of identity management, security and trust to create an infrastructure for absolute driver safety.

  • To trust or not to trust, that is the question: As autonomous vehicles come into view, debate how the vehicle will know what communications to trust. Can the vehicle identity be “hi-jacked”?
  • Reap the benefits of building trust into the V2X framework, such as, saving lives, reducing vehicle damage, reduced congestion whilst anonymously modeling behavior as to not violate personal privacy
  • Building from solid foundations: Gauge the importance of taking the initiative today to build a set of standards which allow a single point of control and universal access – remotely, anytime and anywhere

David Miller, Chief Security Officer, Covisint

The Internet of the Automobile

The connected car is transforming business models across the telematics ecosystem and beyond. We look at how connectivity will transform the way that organizations do business.

  • Explore profitable new business models and safer yet more compelling user experiences as the era of total connectivity begins to take hold
  • Take a holistic approach to the connected car platform, consider data plans, data management and customer service in order to fully service drivers in real-time
  • What will the age of self-guided vehicles look like? Take a look at the opportunities and threats to the telematics value chain as the autonomous car gathers pace

Kevin Moore, Vice President of OEM Sales, NA, Telogis

Connectivity and the Generational Divide

A safety device, a productivity hub or just another consumer gadget. The technology fueled vehicle means something different to each generation of drivers. Generational technology gaps have emerged, highlighting the unique demands of different segments.

  • Safety. Entertainment. Productivity. Explore how these three aspects of automotive connectivity are valued differently across generational lines.
  • Millennials are accustomed to a level of technology that is always-on and personally aware. How can automotive technology keep pace with increasing high demands of this new generation?
  • Each generation has very different in-vehicle technology demands. We’ll discuss how these diverse needs be met without sacrificing one for the other.

Bob Kennedy,Vice President, CW Professional Services

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Closing the Consumer Electronics Gap with a Digital Cockpit

Explore next generation UI concepts as HMI continues to represent the more foremost battleground for OEM differentiation of the connected car user experience.

  • Explore emergence of digital instrument cluster as the main screen in the car to identify how to create a customizable HUD unique to preferences of each driver
  • Explore design language and software features needed to safely combine both infotainment and critical car functionalities on a single screen
  • Discuss what other displays, including mobile devices makes sense in a car and how to integrate them to find the sweet spot between distracting and delighting the driver

Vasiliy Suvorov, VP Technology Strategy, Luxoft

Can Consumer Electronics Really Provide the Answer?

Until now it has been the question that nobody wanted to ask, what will happen if the tech giants step into the mix? Debate the ability of a CE company to come in and dominate the automotive platform.

  • Can Apple and Google solve two major connected car issues: fragmentation and cost ; reach and scale to enable a third party app ecosystem and roll out of solutions across all models?
  • Beyond Apps and Ads: Understand the ability of CE players to stretch beyond their core competencies as content providers to offer highly specialist holistic auto solutions, including autonomous vehicle technology
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of Android via smartphone integration versus an embedded OS, incl. audio priorities and multi-screen support to assess its suitability as an auto grade platform

Moderator: Dominique Bonte, Vice President, Practice Director, ABI Research

Bridging the Gap - Creating a Truly Global Platform

Telematics strategies must move from a regional to global scale that accounts for differences in languages, interfaces and operating systems. We discuss how.

  • Meeting consumer demand. With Internet-savvy consumers demanding local solutions, hear why the multi-regional proliferation of telematics require more than adaptions of network tech and spectrum configurations
  • Discuss the evolution of the telematics community across China and ascertain the impact of recent deals between OEMs and aftermarket providers across the entire ecosystem
  • Think beyond BRIC! Scope out the legislative and tech. landscape in newly emerging regional markets including Mexico and spot the hot trends now to get ahead of the game

Tim Evavold, Solution Delivery Director, Covisint
Chuck Link, Chief Technology Officer, Verizon Telematics
Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar

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Day 1 Disruptive Innovation Track | Day 2 Insurance & M2M
Day 1 Advanced Safety & Mobility
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Taking the Lead from EVs – Data, Infrastructure and Apps

Electric vehicles continue to gain traction in the automotive space. What many don’t appreciate is that these complex vehicles are (out of necessity) extremely proficient  at harnessing telematics data for R&D and customer services. Hear from the leaders of EV world on crucial challenges, including data management, infrastructure integration and app interfaces.

TBC, Manager of Smart Grid & Infrastructure, Ford Motor Company

Creating Value from the Data Deluge

Drinking from the data fire hose is daunting. Explore how to effectively (and responsibly) collect, select and analyze data, then transform it into new services and revenue sources.

  • Explore how automakers can use connected car services to better understand customer usage preferences and create new services in-line with real-world use cases
  • Examine the mobile integrator’s role in the application of networks, devices and applications to help identify and analyse market trends
  • See how connected devices and intelligent data can create continuous two-way conversations with customers to enrich the customer experience and bring tangible benefits to owners

Kevin Soo Hoo, Ph.D., Technical Director, Sprint Advanced Analytics Lab

The Car as a Vital Part of the Networked Society

The Networked Society is a reality! Mobile Broadband in vehicles together with cloud solutions is a major step in making the car a central and integral part of the Networked Society.

  • Examine use cases from the transportation, utility and health industries to understand how they adapted to the new technology paradigm of mobile broadband and apply these lessons learned to the automotive industry
  • Learn how OEMs can harness connectivity to create more touch points with their customers and how the driving experience is enriched by a seamless connection to their cars and the surrounding ecosystem
  • Understand how wireless carriers will leverage cloud technology to evolve their role in the automotive ecosystem and become the providers of end-to-end solutions for automakers

Magnus Lundgren, Director - Service Enablement, Ericsson

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Usage Based Insurance: Where are the OEMs?

Usage based insurance is one of the most profitable augmented product offerings of the connected car. We look at how to advance the dialogue between consumers, insurers and OEMs.

  • Examine the state of insurance telematics in the US market, acknowledging the critical success points such as a clear strategy and robust business case across all components of the ecosystem, to determine where the value in UBI is for all stakeholders
  • Why UBI? Look at the UBI journey for both customers and providers from a CRM angle that provides an enhanced experience for consumers and greater loyalty and brand advocates for insurers & OEMs 
  • The OEM – insurer relationship. Discuss the core areas of service provision in UBI, such as claims management, crash services and vehicle diagnostics to establish greater synergy with OEMs

Jonathan Hewett, Group CMO, Octo

Safety, Health & Wellness – the Heart of the Connectivity Paradigm

Maximising in-car safety should be the first words down on any connected car strategy. We look at an example of a new vertical to be brought in to play as the connected car opens its doors to exciting new areas.

  • Information overload. Examine some of the new tools such as the driver workload tool, enabled by connectivity, that increase safety and allay regulators distraction concerns
  • Examine some of the health and wellness initiatives that are migrating into the car such as alerts for low blood sugar levels to take safety in the vehicle to the next level
  • Ensuring privacy. Understand the sensitivities of consumers divulging health info and how to assure them of the benefits of allowing this info to be utilised in a secure and helpful manner

Gary Strumolo, Manager, Vehicle Design and Infotronics, R&A, Ford Motor Company

The Changing Face of Fleet Management Services

The fleet telematics sector has reached the stage of maturation but still has impressive growth prediction stats. With 9 million units set to be in use by 2015 across the US, we discuss the drivers for further growth.

  • Understand the most recent trends in commercial telematics services such as driver behavior monitoring, and predictive maintenance to update solutions in line with new developments
  • Discuss the likelihood of market saturation for fleet telematics systems and assess the impact M&A to understand how to carve out a niche as big players dominate
  • Tackle the issue of vehicle data.  Discuss how OEM data is primed for integration into 3rd party solutions to deliver platform and service flexibility for fleet managers

Rich Glassman, Director - Commercial Telematics Products, Volvo
Kevin Moore, Vice President OEM Sales, NA, Telogis

The Next Frontier for Insurance Telematics

Insurance telematics is finally delivering on its potential, with greater participation across the ecosystem. With the role of UBI in pricing sophistication firmly established, we discuss what will drive the next wave of innovation in the industry.

  • Explore new telematics applications such as faster response and resolution of claims to lowering loss costs and its potential to deliver value to both insurers and consumers
  • Understand the potential for mobile devices to supplement embedded technology, and the emergence and role of value added applications to further drive adoption
  • Insurers vs. OEMs: there is agreement that the relationship needs to evolve but no consensus on how. Tackle questions of data and customer ownership to evaluate who has greater responsibility to the customer 

Pete Frey, Program Manager - UBI, American Family Insurance
Dan Kraft, Director New Product Development, Allstate
John Horn, President, RacoWireless

Piece Together the Insurance Data Puzzle

Data continues to drive debate in the UBI space. Dissect the discussion to create a framework for the next generation insurance telematics data sets.

  • Assess the parameters of driver behavior which may become standardized such as reporting time of day and distance driven in order to integrate these metrics into solutions from the start
  • Data ownership realigned. Understand the validation and ratings implications if customers owned their own data allowing them to shop around between insurers
  • Tackle of data sophistication to understand how to augment behavioral info with other data sets including geo-spatial to enable a more granular assessment of risk

Dave Pratt, General Manager Usage Based Insurance, Progressive Insurance
Nino Tarantino, CEO North America, OCTO
Steven Fernandes, Innovation Manager, The Hartford

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