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Focused Conference & Exhibition Telematics India and South Asia 2014 May 28-29th, 2014, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, Bangalore, India

Independently Researched Key Topics

We have independently researched the key topics for this year’s agenda. Here’s the full list of thought leading sessions that will take place this May, 2014.

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Day One


Telematics Takes Hold in India

Telematics is a nascent market, but already plays a key role in the automotive industry. We take a look at market drivers, areas of growth and future trends.

  • Identify the key drivers of telematics, such as investment from legislation and exponential growth in smart phone sales to predict in-car infotainment growth
  • Determine the cost benefits of telematics in the commercial space such as reducing fuel theft and keeping drivers on route to drive down overall costs for fleet managers
  • Take a look at the improvements to loss ratios usage based insurance brings to insurers in order to build partnerships that will put your products at the forefront of this road revolution

Vijay Kakade, Director, Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan

Official Opening of the Event

Mr. Roshan Baig, Hon'ble Minister for Infrastructure Development, Government of Karnataka

Urban Renewal - the Key to Growth

Legislation is a key driver of nascent markets. Hear from bureaucrats what their plans are for regulating the Indian telematics industry with regards to safety and security

  • Understand the government's mind-set re. telematics such as their goals for overall safety and security to create solutions complete with the services that will be government endorsed
  • Discuss the differing state regulations such as which cities the Nirbhaya Fund will be implemented to devise solutions tailored to the local policy with local partners
  • Look at how traffic management and road safety is improving due to new services e.g. public surveillance and traffic control systems to keep up to date with developments that will dominate

Speaker TBC

The Ecosystem Explained

Understanding the ecosystem of this expanding market is key to assessing where business opportunities lie. Hear from the relevant stakeholders how the key players interact.

  • Take a look at the current structural changes of the marketplace such as content providers evolving into service providers to devise strategic partnerships and maintain influence
  • Assess the product development trajectory of game changing companies such as Vodafone to integrate aspects of these ground breaking business into your own
  • Examine cross-functional industries such as the m-Health segment and the synergies between auto such as impact notification to widen potential product uses and client bases

Sirish Batchu, General Manager, Head - Infotronics Technology, Mahindra & Mahindra

Mobile Infrastructure

The Nuts & Bolts of Connectivity

Wireless carriers are a critical catalyst for the expansion of the telematics industry. We explore how connectivity can be leveraged.

  • Telematics apps are increasingly data intensive: We take a look at the varying connectivity including 3G, 4G, Wi-fi and multiple SIM cards to determine which best supports telematics
  • Exponential growth in smartphone use drives an 'always on, always connected' consumer mind-set. How can the auto market take advantage of this to increase uptake of telematics?
  • Take a look at the pros and cons of billing plans such as pay per use, subscription or freemium to decide which will build consumer delight and in turn drive revenue

Dhruv Dhawan, Product Head- Enterprise Solutions, Bharti Airtel Ltd

Infrastructure Solutions to India's Giant Size

India is the seventh largest country in the world with the third largest road segment, posing unique problems for infrastructure. Take a look at solutions solving this problem.

  • Examine dynamic data options eg. a cloud-based system such as a GNSS platform to improve the service being offered to clients and customers
  • Case Study: Discover how third-party system integrators are incorporating local partners to provide pan-Indian services and generate a larger customer base
  • Provide services in low bandwidth rural areas. Take a look at how mapping apps are streamlining their data and utilising 2G or SMS to gain traction in hard-to-reach areas

Speaker TBC


Inject Increased Value into Mapping

India poses a unique set of problems when it comes to mapping services. We assess how to overcome these and create a service which really adds value.

  • Take a look at successful business models such as selling basic services with low price points in order to compel the customer and create loyalty to upsell in the future
  • Overcome the complex address and road systems using point of interest (POI) information for successful navigation from A to B to provide a fully functional mapping service for the customer
  • Transform the quality of the navigation service offered to the customer by utilising data-sharing platforms to generate mapping at a local level for increased driving accuracy

Vikram Puri, Managing Director and CEO, Transworld

Next-Gen Value Added Services

Certain services drive business growth, cut costs and improve organisation. We examine which services these are and how they achieve it in India.

  • Assess the demand for safety and security through services such as geo-fencing to establish a strategy that takes advantage of future growth and customer demand
  • Prevention's better than cure! See how remote vehicle diagnostics spots vehicle malfunctions early on to reduce maintenance and repair costs - an attractive prospect that boosts sales
  • Take into account the driving culture in India of long journey's on congested roads to build an infotainment suite of services in line with customer demand - whilst keeping safety in mind

Anil Kumar Gupta, Practice Head - Telematics and Infotainment, Infosys
Pranshu Gupta, CEO, Trak N Tell

The Spotlight Falls on Usage Based Insurance

We explore business models of UBI to lower costs and reap financial benefits to both sellers and buyers in this industry.

  • Identify the financial benefits of UBI for commercial and personaline drivers such cargo security and reduced premiums respectively to highlight the definitive ROI for each customer
  • Who owns the data? Understand the legal framework developing between telematics service providers, logistics, insurers and the consumer to mitigate legal liability
  • Explore the potential for open platforms to amass data and enable seamless UBI data exchange to accurately create benchmarks for driver behaviour telemetry

Vishnu Sundaram, Director - Engineering, Harman

Logistics Transformed

Telematics provides the perfect solution to many of the logistic sector's problems. We discuss how to maximise efficiency and profit via telematics solutions.

Case Studies:

  • Learn how to utilise gradual implementation to reach smaller lorry owners (under 10 vehicles) via the attached fleet through to take advantage of the huge volumes in India
  • Assess the differing service requirements from various fleets such as fuel economy for long haul vs. accurate address finding for local to match solutions with the needs of each business
  • Save money, build trust: Discuss how vehicle tracking can stop fuel & vehicle theft and potential accusations, whilst remote diagnostics can reduce repair and maintenance costs

Ashok Yerneni, CEO, Asset Trackr

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Day Two


The Government Invests

The authorities are taking the lead and providing high levels of investment to accelerate the development of telematics systems. We assess this funding.

  • Discuss tenders such as the Nirbhaya Fund which includes investment for geo-fencing and connected panic buttons etc. to identify opportunities and secure big government contracts
  • Understand the balance of cost saving vs. quality to ensure solutions fulfil their promise and investment bodies see long term satisfaction, building loyalty and driving further investment
  • Take a look at the vehicle types Gov.t investment pertains to and their relevant services such as vehicle tracking for taxis or buses to devise an appropriate services suite

Sumit Gulati, Executive Director, Blue Ocean Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd
Ujjwala Karle, DGM, ARAI

Auto Manufacturers Have Their Say

Automotive manufacturers have the final say on the look, feel and functionality of a telematics system. Hear from them what their requirements are.

  • 360° view of the automakers business: Take a look at decisions and processes from identifying customer segments to analysing data to provide relevant support along the way
  • Enterprise vs. Personal: Map out telematics growth trends for each customer segment in order to determine which auto clients are primed for investment into telematics systems
  • Fleet Managers - the key telematics customer! Take a look at the services they demand such as mapping, geo-fencing and fuel monitoring to build systems auto makers can easily sell

Sundar Ganapathi, Engineering Manager - Infotainment/Telematics, General Motors

Business Models

Know your Customer - Improve Loyalty

Positive customer experience is a vital aspect to any sustainable telematics business model. We discuss how this can be achieved in a few simple steps.

  • Take a look at the ROI of aftercare and on-site services such as providing support at both investment stage & for use of the system resulting in a larger, loyal customer base
  • Understand the difference between attached and non-attached fleets and the ROI each receives from telematics vs investment potential to build a scalable business model
  • Determine how to angle telematics sales pitches at the right level of previous awareness, e.g. what is telematics, what is the ROI or how to implement to result in a contented customer

Chandrika Shetty, Head of Telematics India, Volvo

India Takes Pointers from Across the Globe

The Indian telematics market necessitates a business model that caters to specific requirements. We discuss what these requirements are and why they matter.

  • We discuss crucial considerations such as customer demand for cutting-edge technology and the price sensitivity of the Indian market to establish which price points will sell
  • Work with rather than against the Indian landscape: Utilise the available information such as points of interest for navigation to build solutions bespoke to the market
  • Decipher the where the initial investment price ceiling sits for customers and the minimum services requirement such as just tracking, to gain customers and upsell at a later date

Abhijit Ghaskadbi, Asst V P Automotive, Tech Mahindra

Solutions to End the Standards War

The telematics industry suffers from a lack of standardisation that is hindering growth and limiting business opportunities. We discuss how this could be overcome.

  • Discuss how standardisation that applies to all solutions from hardware to end-to-end products would increase quality and enable fair business competition
  • How can data from differing device brands and models be consolidated into one backend for easy analysis? Are cross-device platforms the answer?
  • Explore how pre-existing and new regulations such as JnNURM have ramifications to the telematics industry to ensure all solutions comply and avoid future legal costs

Mukesh Taneja, Principal Engineer, Cisco

In-Car Infotainment: The Next Big Trend

Brace yourself for the imminent infotainment revolution set to make its mark on the Indian and South Asian automotive industry.

  • Timing is everything! Get-to-grips with the consumer acceptance trends to ensure launches are timed when this is at its peak. Do smartphone adoption rates hold the key for accurate insights?
  • Take a look at smartphone vs. embedded vs. cloud based solutions to ensure the platform matches the service e.g. embedded for vehicle diagnostics or smartphone for personalised radio
  • Look to Europe and the US for infotainment innovations such as automotive app stores and real-time traffic information to develop an 'in-demand' portfolio of services

Dr Harwinder Jutla, CTO, Tata Elxsi
Sivakumar Yeddnapuddi, Software Technical Manager, Visteon
Ravindra Jain, Department head Production Planning, Maruti Suzuki

Telematics in a Different Light

The technology used in auto telematics is not exclusive to this environment. In many cases companies can offer slight tweaks in their solutions and open doors to other vertical markets.

  • Explore the maturing of the telematics industry from concepts such as M2M into Connected Service Transformation and the ramifications for telematics business strategy
  • Take a look at the Connected Service Transformation in the public space such as m-Health and discuss the implications for broadening your telematics business
  • Put the microscope on India. Discuss reverse innovation in areas such m-Health to see how Indian R&D is impacting technology world-wide to put your business in the global arena

Vijay Anand, Practice Head -M2M Business Solutions, Wipro

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