Focussed Conference & Exhibition Insurance Telematics Europe 2015 14th-15th April | Park Plaza Victoria London, UK

See the Business Critical Issues Addressed in 2014

We designed a two day agenda that honed in to the crucial topics that insurance companies face the current UBI industry. 

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Day 1 May 6th Day 2 May 7th
Day 1: Keynotes Day 2: Keynotes
Track 1: Data & Pricing Track 3: Value Proposition & Marketing
Track 2: Business Model Innovations Track 4: Product & Technology


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Day 1: Keynotes

Day 2: Keynotes

Track 1: Data & Pricing

Track 3: Value Proposition & Marketing

Track 2: Business Model Innovations

Track 4: Product & Technology

Day One - 6th May

Conference Chair: Nick Ford, Senior Consultant, Frost and Sullivan

Day 1 Keynotes

Conference welcome and Introduction

09.00 Market Overview on a European Scale

European uptake of insurance telematics is teetering on mass adoption. We explore the factors that will give it the final push.

  • A 360˚ view. Review stats on UBI uptake across key European markets including the more nascent markets of South and Eastern Europe to learn lessons from alternate territories
  • European carriers want granular data. Explore the methods such as using multi-axis accelerometers and 1kHz sampling to capture data, for innovative underwriting and product differentiation
  • Plan your product roadmap. Assess which factors, from OEM activity, eCall, data standards and new regulation holds the key to insurance telematics adoption
Nick Ford, Senior Consultant, Frost & Sullivan
09.35 Italian Case Study: Breaking Barriers in the Original UBI Market

Get a unique insight into the Italian UBI market as new legislation and evolving technology transitions Italy from a market of scale into a market of sophistication to rival the UK.

  • Understand how in Italy telematics technology is being combined to offer varied levels of value to consumers and  create dynamic means of cover ranging from fire and theft to third party liability insurance (M3PL)
  • Get a penetrating insight to new legislation which incorporates free installation of a telematics device and a discounts on M3PL premiums so you can tailor a business model suited to the Italian market
  • Take lessons learned from one of the most mature UBI markets in Europe and richest in telemetry so you can develop a robust data management strategy that is scalable for mass adoption
Andrea Jurkic, Insurance Telematics Product Manager, Generali Italia
10.10 The Diversification of UBI

With a multitude of methods to collect data and roll out UBI products, we explore how insurance companies can leverage all the available technological and sales tools to maximise their UBI offering.

  • Get a unique insight into data collection methods such as via smart phone app or OBDII and how they impact cost to both your business and the consumer so you can leverage them and maximise your market penetration
  • Organization from the top down. How can stakeholders organize the UBI value chain so insurance companies can access and utilize data from multiple sources in a fully transparent way?
  • Understand the nuances between UBI segments such as young drivers, elders, low-mileage drivers and what to offer them to enhance their understanding, adhesion and satisfaction

Vincent Pavero, Director, Products & Innovation, iMetrik

11.20 Renault Exclusive Announcement: The ‘R-Link’ between Automotive Insurance and Telematics
  • Pascal Le-Merle, Manager - Sales & Marketing Services with Renault, will unveil plans to incorporate native usage based insurance (UBI) apps into the Renault infotainment platform, R-Link.
Pascal LeMerle, Manager - Sales & Marketing Services, Renault
11.55 Consumer Reactions to Usage Based Insurance

Gain exclusive first insights into consumer reactions to European telematics offerings, updated results on consumer reactions to US telematics offerings, and how the reaction differs.

  • Analysing consumer segments that have not yet joined a telematics program to understand how to create segment specific  value propositions  and increase customer-base
  • Learn what drivers want from UBI and how to manage consumer expectations throughout the trial and initial sign-up period to convert leads into loyal customers
  • Understand the mindset of customers that continue in UBI programs, and inform your CRM strategy and deliver consistent value to retain customers and create UBI evangelists
Roosevelt C. Mosley, Jr., Principal & Consulting Actuary, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources
12.30 Insurers and Consumers Derive Value from Telematics

As UBI rests on the tipping point of adoption, we explore the key disruptors and enablers for ROI to both insurer and consumer.

  • Explore how to streamline processes e.g. policy & claims management or the  development & acquistions of new business to bolster the value proposition for  both insurer and consumer  
  • Understand where the mobile device can supplement embedded tech. and accompany the policy holder to heighten communications between consumer and insurer for more powerful CRM  
  • Lessons from across the pond: Consider the US value chain, broker networks and company infrastructure that enables mass engagement whilst maintaining a targeted approach

Moderator: Precksha Saksena-Sood, Managing Director, Telematics Update

Ian Brown, MD, Towergate Smart Motor
Jari Koskela, Manager - Loss Prevention, If Insurance
Vincent Pavero, Director, Products & Innovation, iMetrik

13.05 Networking lunch
  Track I: Data and Pricing Track II: Business Model Innovations
14.40 Data Quality for Claims & Litigation The Revenue Generation Game

Telematics data can be used during litigation processes and to identify fraudulent claims, reducing payouts and improving loss ratios. Yet there is much confusion as to how.

  • UBI telemetry for criminal and civil cases. What metrics are required and at what quality to ensure admissibility and evidential weight in court?
  • Consider the device specs that will affect data quality e.g. frequency of data collection and sensor performance validation to ensure confidence limits for key incident parameters
  • Cost vs. Quality. Is it worth investing in data quality assurance testing in order to provide guaranteed claims support when using UBI data to investigate incidents?

Moderator: Tony Lovick, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson

Professor David Last, Consultant Engineer & Expert Witness
Iwan Parry, Principal Consultant, Investigations, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
Mark Brenlund, Partner, Weightmans LLP

Examine the business models for UBI programmes keeping the insurer's ROI and the customer proposition at the forefront of consideration.

  • PHYD / PAYD / MHYD / TBYB. These differing business models each have their pros and cons. Which one best fits your customer base and company objectives?
  • Take a look at the flexible business models wireless carriers can provide from M2M service provider to management of insurer app downloads to utilise their full suite of services
  • Discuss how telematics data can revolutionise business models such as utilising LBS data to provide  personalised services and in turn improve customer loyalty and retention rates

Moderator: Sherdin Omar, Senior Manager, EY

Paul Middle, Head of Telematics, RSA

Paul Stacy, Director, Wunelli
René Müller, Head Product Management Motor, AXA Winterthur

15.15 Telematics: The Best Thing to Happen to Loss-Ratios?

The Future of Car Insurance


Utilising telematics data doesn’t stop at knowing which driving parameters are risky business. We take a look at advanced ways to utilise the data to further improve insurers’ bottom line.

  • Deliver precise driver profiles. Is there enough historical driving data available to set a benchmark for good driving? If so how can it be used to assess risk & increase price accuracy?
  • Realise how granular driver data can be used to create risk maps that will integrate with driver profiles to enable the identification of accident black spots and create an accurate price structure
  • Take a look at how situational data can be used to enhance the claims process and help build reconstructions to qualify circumstances for accurate claims

Moderator: Alain Dunoyer, Head of Safe Car, SBD 

Tore Dimmestol, Enterprise Geo Account Manager, Google
Andrew Bennett, CEO, DriveStyle
Nick Watkinson, Specialist CV Underwriting Manager, LV Insurance

  • How the Customer Journey will change over the next couple of years
  • How insurers can differentiate even in an online environment
  • Step-by-step product implementation (Best Practice)

Harald Trautsch, Founder and CEO, Dolphin Technologies

15.50 Coffee break
16.20 Data Dictates Device Selection Building a Sustainable Telematics Business Proposition

The "Bring Your Own Device" Vs. blackbox debate is increasingly complex. The data to be collected and its future use needs to be taken into consideration before a decision can be made. 

  • Multi-platform UBI. How can ‘BYOD’, black box and OBD II hardware platforms be utilised in unison to increase data accuracy and mitigate insurer risk?
  • Responsible data collection. Smartphones collect both driving and non-driving data - how can we manage data collection and transfer between insurers, whilst respecting consumer privacy?
  • The Conundrum of Gen Y! Should we go for the black box to ensure data accuracy for these high risk drivers, or an app to increase engagement with these tech. savvy customers?

Philip Swift, Managing Director, CMA Claims

Take a holistic view on UBI from data to device, and the ecosystem around the products that are being sent to market to develop a transparent value proposition. 

  • Discuss how telematics devices may satisfy differing segments of the insurers portfolio and the implications of this on scoring
  • Build a value proposition that meets the needs of internal stakeholders including pricing, claims, fraud, sales and marketing to develop a stable ecosystem around your product
  • Explore how telematics data can be developed as a feedback tool to improve the portfolio risk profile and insurer/customer relationship
Andy Goldby, Chief Product Officer, The Floow
16.55 Risk, But Not As You Know It eCall - Friend or Foe?

Telematics has caused an evolution in risk calculation for auto insurance. Now we must understand how to utilise this plethora of data with traditional methods as we transition into this new era.  

  • Understand how a driver profile based on telematics data needs to be integrated with traditional information such as age, no claims, geography etc. to build a holistic view of an individual's risk
  • Give context to the data. How we can use telematics data to decipher the behaviours that lead to accidents for an accurate pricing model?
  • Modelling apples and pears. In order to model the claims experience, how important is it to understand the T&Cs and data quality when aggregating data from different insurance products? 

Moderator: Jack Brownhill, Founder, World Motor Insurance Consultancy

Tony Lovick, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson
Charles More, Director, Actuarial Consultants
Grant Mitchell, Chief Actuary - General Insurance, The Co-operative Insurance

As the European Commission looks to implement eCall by 2015, we explore intricacies that could potentially hamper third party UBI providers competing in a fair environment.

  • Will the eCall platform be interoperable, standardised and open to allow for UBI products to tap into the incident data it will provide or, allow UBI to be added to eCall as a complimentary VAS?
  • See where the eCall proposal draws ambiguity such as the rules on privacy and data protection overlapping with existing EU Data Protection legislation to avoid legal uncertainty
  • Outline the potential  applications for eCall data and align these with the ‘repair & maintenance ‘ limitations laid out in the current EC proposal to decide if UBI can utilise this in-vehicle system
Moderator: Nick Ford, Senior Consultant - Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan

Marcel Visser, Director of Business Development, Automotive Segment, Gemalto
Jacques Amselem, CEO - Telematics, Allianz
Andrea Sroczynski, Head of Global Automotive Sales, Telenor Connexion
17.30 Post conference networking

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Day 1 May 6th Day 2 May 7th
Day 1: Keynotes Day 2: Keynotes
Track 1: Data & Pricing Track 3: Value Proposition & Marketing
Track 2: Business Model Innovations Track 4: Product & Technology


Jump to:

Day 1: Keynotes

Day 2: Keynotes

Track 1: Data & Pricing

Track 3: Value Proposition & Marketing

Track 2: Business Model Innovations

Track 4: Product & Technology



Day Two - 7th May
Day 2 Keynotes
09.00 Data Standards put their Stamp on UBI

Data standards have been widely debated with no indication of what they would be. However, Thatcham & ABI have changed the game and will shortly be introducing a set of standards. 

  • Safeguard customer privacy. How important is it to establish an industry standard, not only to regulate how customer data is managed but also build customer trust in telematics?
  • Take a look at the driving metrics upon which a universal data standards will be created to integrate these into solutions and give customers and insurers confidence when transferring policies
  • Understand the standards for each device type to ensure the nuances of data collection from each are taken into account, ensuring a universal data set
Andrew Miller, Chief Technology Officer, Thatcham
09.35 The Road to UBI at Volvo

Volvo has of course always been a name synonymous with safety and as a result, with a focus on driver and passenger security, has been offering telemetry on production cars now for over a decade.  It is perhaps surprising therefore that Volvo is not already offering usage based insurance which would seem to be a natural extension of integrated telemetry.  David will explain why he believes that the time is finally right for a Manufacturer Endorsed Usage Insurance Offer from Volvo.

David Green, Market Development Director, Volvo

10.10 Commercial Underwriting Explained

Fleets are hugely varied in their needs and wants of telematics services. Here we explore how each unique fleet is approached from an underwriting perspective.

  • Discuss the practices of differing fleets and resulting driving behaviours e.g. blue light vehicles = incident free speeding offences, to weight driving metrics accordingly during risk assessments
  • Understand fleet characteristics such as vehicle size and volumes, routing and cargo that are crucial aspects during the underwriting approach to incorporate this with telematics data
  • Actionable intelligence. If managers use telemetry to educate drivers, therefore improving the driving habits of the workforce, how will this effect underwriting and risk assessment?
Andrew Price, Regional Practice Leader, Zurich Risk Engineering Europe
Steve Stock, Head of Motor, Zurich Global Corporate
Nick List, Customer Manager, Zurich Global Corporate UK
10.45 Networking coffee break
11.20 Building Value and Buy-In from Consumers

UBI is the key to allow consumers to take control of their automotive insurance premiums, but a clear value proposition has to be provided to consumers beyond potential monetary savings.

  • Ascertain which media channels such as radio, TV, mobile or web based ads have achieved consumer engagement so you can build a leading marketing strategy to boost UBI awareness
  • Privacy concerns. In today’s ‘always on, always connected’ society, are the data privacy concerns of yesterday still an issue that needs to be resolved to gain consumer buy in?
  • Young Vs Old, Pricing Vs VAS. Can we design targeted, strategic marketing campaigns that focus on the most prolific benefit to each driver segment in order to increase market share with one product?

Tom Butcher, Commercial Director – Motor, Tesco Bank Insurance

11.55 UBI: A new route to mass adoption

We will take a look at where the combination of device, communications, and data offerings must move to in order to offer a route for insurers from niche market to mainstream
acceptance of UBI.

  • Understand what factors are holding the market back from mass uptake of telematics-based UBI;
  • Explore how adoption can be accelerated through the rapid deployment of a self-fit product with automated FNOL capabilities;
  • Learn how a cloud-based unified solution from a single provider can deliver a robust telematics service with the quickest time-to-market
  • Review how the total cost of ownership in providing a telematics service to support a UBI product can be driven down.

Martin Urquhart, Director, Drivenlower

  Track I: Value proposition and consumer perception Track II: Product and technology

Taking Telematics from a Niche Insurer Offering to a Mainstream Insurer Offering

The Forgotten Link between Supply and Demand

The ultimate Social Driving experience app for the smartphone or connected car:  Driving Data; Road Data; Car Data, Related Ancillary Services; everywhere, all the time.

  • Part 1 - The Biggest Growth in Commercial Vehicle Insurance - Grey Fleet
    Welcome wejo’s licensing model

  • Part 2 - The Biggest Growth in Price Comparison – Wejo app
    Welcome wejo Insurer
  • Part 3 - The Biggest Change in Insurance Distribution - OEM
    Welcome wejo OEM

  • Part 4 - Looking after the driver every second of their 12 month policy
    Welcome wejo rewards

Richard Barlow, CEO and Founder, Wejo


Developing and deploying tech. products is a new play for insurers. Miss-calculations of supply chain logistics can result in unnecessary stockpiling or delayed deployment timelines to customers.

  • Get to grips with supply chain time scales for deliveries so you can avoid stockpiling and limit the returns processing costs of your hardware
  • Build a process reference model for supply-chain management spanning from  order fulfilment performance, to asset turns so you can accurately measure your total supply chain performance
  • Understand when to liaise with suppliers to eliminate bottlenecks & balance between low cost and transportation with just-in-time techniques to maximise the efficiency of distribution
Colin Smithers, CEO, Redtail Telematics
14.35 VAS Paves the Way for Insurance Telematics

Sky High UBI: The Cloud Comes into Play 


Alone, the promise of reduced premiums through telematics is not enough for the consumers.  We explore the services that will drive adoption and increase customer retention for insurers.

  • Safety first. Vehicle tracking & maintenance, plus, emergency breakdown & alerts top the score sheet of most in-demand VAS. Include these to your solution for customer loyalty & retention
  • Partner with automakers. Take advantage of pre-existing data sets such as vehicle diagnostics to create new data transaction models to offer associated VAS  for a more robust product 
  • A customised suite of VAS:  How do we engage multiple consumer demographics with one product, increasing your customer base and improving the proposition of insurance telematics?

Moderator: Nick Ford, Senior Consultant, Frost and Sullivan

Theo-Han Jansen, Director, European Market Development, Verizon
Cyril Zeller, VP Global Telematics, Telit
Julie Gibbons, Operations, Autoline Insurance Group
Manjit Rana, Director, Ingenin

The cloud will play an integral role in the next generation of smartphone and blackbox concepts. Understand how you can best capitalise on the boundless capabilities of cloud solutions.

  • Discover how to adapt UBI solutions as consumers increasingly access content and driver information via the cloud to take advantage of the rising capabilities of cloud providers
  • Cost effective information management. Utilise the cloud to enable simple data transfers and ease of access to the consumer to enhance behavioural feedback practices
  • Receive insight on how to build partnerships with leading cloud solution providers to successfully launch fully integrated UBI products to customers

Moderator: Jan Stojaspal, Executive Editor, Telematics Update

Simon Ralphs, CEO, Telematicus
Bruce McKee, Industry Development, Financial Markets, Microsoft
Ed Rochfort, Product Director, Carrot Insurance


The Smartphone Proposition

The Role of the Connected Car


The pros and cons of embedded and OBDII dongles are well known. Yet, the smartphone is still an unknown entity. Overcome challenges so these devices can truly act as a UBI solution.

  • As smartphones become a prevalent medium of UBI we ask, how do you provision the data and decide on the value added services to offer for a mobile centric customer experience?  
  • Understand how smartphones are being integrated into UBI solutions from a plug and play and try before you buy proposition before they can truly offer a substantiated service  
  • Discuss the threats to a smartphone UBI strategy such as highly fragmented tech. in the device landscape and OS compatibility to ensure you do not disregard areas of your target audience   

Richard Jelbert, CEO, Vzzual Insurance Systems
Julie Gibbons, Operations Director, Autoline Insurance Group

As automotive infotainment systems advance to incorporate automotive app stores, we explore the new platform for UBI solutions and the promise of integrated connectivity like never before.

  • Auto trends impact UBI: How will the auto telematics market respond to the growing use of smartphone use worldwide, and should insurers take their cues from the auto OEM?
  • Look at the intersection of new connected car initiatives, such as location based sales, social networking and OEM response to gamification for heightened customer interaction
  • Prepare for 4G LTE from both the smartphone, embedded connection and aftermarket device standpoint so you can tailor your services for increasing data volumes and quicker interactions

Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Director, Strategy Analytics

Stephen Mills, Business Analytics Strategy Lead for Europe, IBM
David Green, Market Development Director, Volvo
Keith Kammer, SVP, Verizon

15.45 End of conference

A Focussed Agenda for UBI Profesionals 

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Day 1 May 6th Day 2 May 7th
Day 1: Keynotes Day 2: Keynotes
Track 1: Data & Pricing Track 3: Value Proposition & Marketing
Track 2: Business Model Innovations Track 4: Product & Technology


Jump to:

Day 1: Keynotes

Day 2: Keynotes

Track 1: Data & Pricing

Track 3: Value Proposition & Marketing

Track 2: Business Model Innovations

Track 4: Product & Technology


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