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6th annual

Telematics Japan 2014

October 2014, Tokyo

Differentiate your telematics offerings in the face of a wave of service and platform standardization and 3rd party interaction

As IT giants move into the telematics arena such Apple’s iOS CarPlay and Google’s Open Automotive Alliance, infotainment and HMI services are converging and becoming increasingly similar. OEM and Tier 1 suppliers need to find ways to differentiate their products by clearly identifing the areas of telematics that should be open to standardization and 3rd party interaction and the areas that will all OEM to provide unique services to thier telematics offerings.

Telematics Japan is Japan's largest forum dedicated to the future of automobility. With over 300 senior attendees and 30+ Japanese and global pioneering speakers, it will discuss the telematics services, platforms and business models required to achieve a balance between cost reducing standardization and product differentiation to increase OEMs' competitiveness.

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Key topics to be discussed:

  • PROVIDE THE BEST IN-VEHICLE EXPERIENCE/USER INTERFACE THROUGH OS AND SERVICE PLATFORMS: Identify the areas of telematics that greater involvement for IT companies that will lead to better services and reduced cost 
  • TAKE TELEMATICS GLOBAL: Hear how OEMs are expanding their local telematics platform to take telematics global in order to analyse how to balance investment cost and user needs with a global platform
  • EMERGING MARKETS: CHINA, SE ASIA AND INDIA: Hear about the telematics content needs, local partnerships and infrastructure challenges for emerging markets like China, SE Asia and India to align your content sourcing strategies
  • THE POTENTIAL OF VEHICLE DATA: Understand how big and streaming data available from vehicle can be utilized to develop better vehicles, improve current telematics service and develop new aftersales services
  • THE EVOLUTION OF INFOTAINMENT, CONTENT AND APPS: Identify how infotainment content and services will evolve to meet  the expeectation of the driver and seamlessly connect with their daily lifestyles
  • NEW WAVE OF EXPANSION FOR EV TELEMATICS: Generate a new wave of growth for electric and hybrid vehicles by utilizing value data from every angles of EV to work with 3rd party players to create utility and value for the drive
  • TELEMATICS, ADAS AND V2X FOR DRIVER SAFETY AND AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: Explore the value of telematics in bridging the gap between V2X and ADAS to reduce road accidents and expand automobile customer base with autonomous technologies


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Telematics Japan 2014 is the one event that you can’t afford to miss:

Telematics Japan 2014 is the number one forum for connected vehicle industry. It will give you the opportunity to network and share knowledge with pioneers and decision makers in the telematics space. This year’s event will include:

  • 30+ expert speakers to give you the knowledge that you need to succeed
  • 25+ interactive sessions to help you brain storm
  • 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from across the telematics value chain with targeted networking and coffee breaks. Exchange business cards with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and socialise

If you want to get new ideas, fresh approaches and an action-plan of how to rev-up your telematics offerings, you simply can't miss this conference!

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Top Speakers from 2013 Included

Take a look at just some of last year's speakers to understand the level of expertise you can expect at the conference:

  • Toshinori Utsugi Chief Engineer, Global Telematics Division Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
  • Kazuya Tamura Senior Manager, Service Development Department, Global Telematics Division Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
  • Syuichiro Miura General Manager, Connected Vehicle System Department, Global IS Division/Chief Service Architect, Vehicle Information Technology DivisionNissan Motor Co., Ltd
  • Martin Steurenthaler Manager, Product Development BMW Japan Corp
  • Kenichi Murata Project General Manager  Toyota
  • Hideki Okano, Staff Manager Advanced Electronic Technology Development Group Electronic Development Division, Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Takehiko Murata  Vice President,  Media Service Company Planning Division Yahoo! Japan
  • Tsuguo Nobe Chief Advanced Service Architect and Director Intel K.K.
  • Masamori Kashiyama Vice Chairman, Mobile Cloud Committee Mobile Computing Promotion Committee 
  • Hisanobu Dobashi Director, Ubiquitous Service Department NTT Docomo, Inc.
  • Keisuke Tajima  Senior Supervisor,Car Electronics Strategic Business Planning Division Pioneer........and many more

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Hear from our attendees:

The conference was a huge success, held on 8-10 October in Tokyo, with over 200 senior executives attending. Here's what the attendees had to say:

It was great to hear the thought of both domestic and overseas OEMs.It was good to develop an understanding of the connection between the telecom, automotive and other industries in the telematics space.

Tokai Rika Co.,Ltd

I got the latest updates on the connect vehicle at this year’s conference

Bosch Corporation

It was very informative to hear different perspective and positions of players from across (the telematics) ecosystem

Canvasmapple Co.,Ltd

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