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6th annual Telematics Japan 2014 October 2014, Tokyo


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Tentative Agenda Day 1 

Plenary Session 1:

Potential Key Topics:

  • Taking telematics global
  • Providing a seamless driving experience for digital natives
  • Cloud, Big Data and CRM
  • Role of IT giants in telematics

Section 1: In-Vehicle Operating Systems and Service Platforms to Provide Best User Interface/Experience

  • Differentiate the services that should be provide via smartphone tethering and embedded TCU to determine how you will invest in a delivery framework
  • Identify the areas of telematics that greater involvement for IT companies such as Apple and Google, QNX, Linux and Microsoft that will lead to better services and reduced cost
  • Define the control OEMs need to provide an enjoyable driving experience while minimizing driver distraction and maintaining the security of the HMI, OS and telematics platform
  • Compare the value of alliance participation (GENIVI, OAA/ Linux and W3C) and strategic partnership to reduce development/labour cost and expand range of services
  • Identify the on-board hardware/software solutions such as touch screen, voice control, touch sensor needed to improve the HMI in order to differentiate it from smartphone 
  • Forecast whether new wearable technology (Google glass and Samsung Gear) will affect how the driver interacts with the vehicle to define OEMs next move after smartphone and tablet integration

Networking Drinks Party

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Tentative Agenda Day 2

Plenary Session 2:
Section 2: Take telematics global

  • Hear how OEMs are expanding their local telematics platform to take telematics global to analyse how to balance investment cost and user needs with a global platform
  • Discover the successful partnerships that will help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers expand their reach in foreign markets by reducing R&D cost and providing relevant content
  • Explore how telematics can help tackle urban issues like population density and traffic congestion with integration with public transport

Section 3: Emerging Markets: China, SE Asia and India:

  • Hear about the telematics content needs for emerging markets like China, SE Asia and India to align your content sourcing strategies
  • Understand how local partnerships and smartphone tethering can help tackle the differences in infrastructure in emerging markets

Track 1:
Section 4: Combine vehicle, location, map and driving behaviour data in order to develop unique telematics services

  • Identify the types and amount of big data available from the vehicle such as diagnostic(CAN) and driver behaviour data to help OEMs develop better vehicles
  • Explore how streaming data such as GPS,LBS and traffic data can develop navigation and traffic services that provide real time information and links with social networking services
  • Understand the partnerships between OEMs , Tier1 Suppliers, MNO and IT players to build a cooperative security solution that covers areas including CAN, data communication and on board app/content security
  • Differentiate your vehicle with data services such as CRM/Dealer Management Systems and roadside assistance services

Section 5: The Evolution of Infotainment, Content and Apps

  • Identify if infotainment content and services will become a standard service that driver will expect to seamlessly connect with their daily lifestyles
  • Learn how to upgrade current telematics services such as navigation to compete with smartphone and tablet apps.
  • Define which smartphone apps and infotainment service will benefit the driver in vehicle while minimising driver distraction
  • Identify the must have services(navigation, hands free telephone call and radio) and the add extra options (Facebook, News, Video etc.) to create effective pricing strategies for across your vehicle range
  • Explore the best way to monetize content and infotainment to promote buy-in from the driver(subscription, app store, premium packages or include into the sticker price)
  • Define the role of the OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, MNOs, content providers in developing the service offeredto balance the essential infotainment services and the investment cost of developing new services

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Track 2:
Section 6: New wave of expansion for EV Telematics:

Generate a new wave of growth for electric and hybrid vehicles by utilizing data from every angles of EV to work with 3rd party players to create utility and value for the driver

  • Realize a safe and secure driving EV experience by providing total support inside and outside the vehicle through access to real time information such as vehicle and battery status with sensor and monitoring technology
  • Identify the opportunity and challenges involved when incorporating VICS traffic information, telematics probe data with EV on-board data-battery charge, average speed and location data
  • Explore the value of EV related data when applied to use cases such as EV car sharing and public transport and government vehicles; and data's potential role when EV is used as a power source during disasters and blackout

Section 7: Telematics, ADAS and V2X for Driver Safety and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Identify the value of telematics in bridging the gap between V2X and ADAS to reduce road accidents and expand automobile customer base with autonomous technologies
  • Understand the new vehicle value that each automaker is aiming to create by 2020 with developing ADAS and V2X technologies in order to re-examine your investment strategies
  • Build knowledge on how to integrate the sensor data — LIDAR, millimeter-wave radars and cameras—into 3D digital map and telematics vehicle positioning information using GPS/WiFi to enhance driving safety
  • Establish how far the Japanese V2X systems based on 700Mhz spectrum and unique DSRC standards can be compatible worldwide and how the smartphone, LTE Advanced and Wi-Fi impact the future of global intelligent transport and automated vehicles (700Mhz)
  • Explore the regulations and technology standards and collaboration between the government, OEMs, supplier and MNOs required to bring autonomous vehicles mainstream
  • Gain insight into how the latest AI and robotics technologies are getting close to, or going beyond, human recognition and prediction under difficult road situations and poor weather conditions.

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