Connectivity and the Generational Divide

We organised a dinner debate between connected car experts from Renault, Microsoft, Telenor, Dolphin, iMetrik and Telit to look into how the industry needs to react to the way that different generations see connectivity in the car.

We recorded the whole thing.  By watching this video, it will help you:

  • Understand the connectivity requirements and preferences of different market segments (e.g. Gen Y expresses a clear desire to constantly connected to social media) to develop strategies that capture specific market share
  • Determine how technology has revolutionised mobility forever by reacting to the knowledge that the car is no longer seen as a simple mobility device but a hub for productivity or the latest must-have consumer gadget
  • Explore new car ownership models within the realm of multi-modal transportation to understand that the car can work within a network of other transport devices that aid passage from Point A to Point B

Newly-Released Video

  • Includes full audio and video
  • Produced by Telematics Update Editorial Team
  • Industry-leading representatives from Renault, Microsoft, Telenor, Dolphin, iMetrik and Telit


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Download the Video Roundtable Here

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